How to WA Free Indosat 2022

How to WA Free Indosat
How to WA Free Indosat – As a telecommunications service provider company, Indosat continues to show service progress to its customers.

At this time there are many telecommunications providers and cellular network providers in Indonesia that are competing tightly.

Due to this competition, Indosat providers continue to improve services so that their customers or users do not switch to other providers.

One of them, by providing free internet package services to access the WhatsApp application.

Given that the WhatsApp application or often referred to as WA is the most popular and most widely used chat application by Indosat users.

Indosat’s free internet service package is also a budling package (a package that is grouped and sold as one unit).

Discussion on how to WA Free Indosat

If one of the Indosat users uses the Yellow regional regulation card, then he/she will be given free internet services such as free social media and WhatsApp packages.

If you are a customer or user of the Indosat provider, then you can activate the package.

Due to the large number of Indosat users or customers who want to use this free service, this service can be used successfully or not.

Even if you succeed, you have to wait for 24 hours for the process of activating this free WhatsApp package.

However, if you fail, don’t worry, because there are many ways you can get this service.

Now, to activate the Indosat free WA method, you can listen to our review as follows.

How to WA Free Indosat

1. How to WA Free Indosat With Freedom Combo Packages

How to WA Free Indosat
How to WA Free Indosat With Freedom Combo Packages

The first way that you can use to get free WA services is to use the Freedom Combo package.

Here’s how to WA Free Indosat with the Freedom Combo package:

  • First, make sure you have filled up the credit on the Indosat card that will be used to register for the free WhatsApp package.
  • Then you go to the menu dial or call.
  • Then you type *123# and Call.
  • If you have you will get several options.
  • Please choose the Freedom combo 5.0 package.
  • Next, you select the type of package you want and activate it.
  • After the package is active. you can enjoy the WhatsApp application for free.
  • Finished.

2. How to WA Free Indosat for 6 months

How to WA Free Indosat
How to WA Free Indosat for 6 Months

How to get free WhatsApp internet service for half a year or for 6 full months from Indosat.

Here’s how to WA free Indosat for 6 months

  • First you enter the dial or telephone menu.
  • Then you type the code *990*250*3*3# and Call.
  • Next, you will get a notification containing menu options such as “Free Internet for 1 GB in the first month, and in the second month for 1.5 GB and for 3 GB in the sixth month” and a bulding period to access the WhatsApp application for a full 6 months.
  • Then you click and press the number 1 to activate the package.
  • After that, you wait a few moments until you receive a notification in the form of an SMS about your package being active.
  • Finished.

The final word

Those are some ways that you can try and use to get WhatsApp quota for free from Indosat.

Hopefully with the explanation above, it can help you to get free quota to access WhatsApp.

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