How to Watch Antares the Series on Telegram & WeTV

How to Watch Antares the Series on Telegram & WeTV

On this occasion I will share how to watch the Antares the Series film on Telegram and WeTV along with the link to watch this film. The film series “Antares” is adapted from a novel written by a high school student named Rweinda and published on the digital site Wattpad. The novel is officially published by Loveable and is a bestseller on Wattpad with over 50 million reads.

The series is directed by Rizal Mantovani and produced by renowned film production company MD Entertainment in collaboration with WeTV. The film “Antares” features 2 young stars, Angga Yulianda as Antares Ares and Cut Beby Tsabina as Zea as the main character.

This film is about a motorcycle gang consisting of cool and cool boys who become leaders and are idolized by a certain school. Ares, the leader of the gang, almost accidentally bumps into an innocent girl at school on his motorbike, and the romance begins there.

On Friday, July 30, 2022, at 18:00 WIB, the series will premiere on streaming services WeTV and iFlix. Below is a direct link to the film’s official website. However, before that, first read the synopsis of the storyline of this film.

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Synopsis Antares the Series

The story begins on the way to school, when the motorcycle gang “Calderioz” fights another gang. Antares or Ares (Angga Yuliandra) and his friends managed to conquer them at this time and immediately rode their big motorbikes to school (MOGE).

While at school, a girl suddenly sees a group of “Calderioz” gang members in the middle of the street near the school. Ares nearly hits the girl Zea (Cut Beby Tsabina), a new student at the school at the time, causing his motorbike to break down.

Ares forced Zea to apologize as a sign of accountability. Zea’s prestige, on the other hand, stated “it’s not that easy,” and when Ares was about to leave, Zea apologized, but Ares replied, “it’s not that easy.”

Zea begged Ares to apologize in the school hall. But if he granted Ares three wishes, he would be forgiven. Their meeting became more interesting after that.

The Antares series is not only about romance, but also about unexpected conflicts. Like Zea’s secret, which was disturbed by the previous episode where her brother was involved in an accident.

Surprisingly, the “Calderioz” gang, consisting of Ares and company, was found to be the cause of the accident. So, what’s the background here? Curious right?

Link to Watch Antares the Series on Telegram

Telegram is a collection of pirated TV shows and movies that you can enjoy for free. On Telegram, you can also watch pirated Antares episodes for free.

If you don’t have a WeTV VIP account, you won’t be able to watch Antares the Series. The solution is to watch Antares on Telegram and then join the channel or group that has the 2022 Antares film.

Here’s the Telegram link to watch the Antares the Series film:

You can join the group to watch Antares 2022 series by clicking on the link above. To join the group and receive updates for upcoming Antares 2022 episodes, click the Join button.

How to Watch Antares the Series on Telegram & WeTV-1

That’s how to watch the film Antares the Series. My advice, it’s better to watch the Antares movie, you should do it through the official WeTv website or application. Avoid watching Antares via Telegram, because this is illegal.

Link to Watch Antares the Series on WeTV

You can officially use WeTV as a streaming medium to watch Antares the Series movies. However, before that, you must first upgrade your account to VIP at a price of Rp. 15 thousand.

WeTV can be viewed on a computer or on a smartphone. Here’s an easy way to watch the movie “Antares the Series” on WeTV:

  • Open Browser on your Laptop/Computer
  • Or first download the WeTV app on the Google Play Store
  • Then, if it is installed click this link to watch the film Antares the Series. Can also be opened via your laptop/computer
  • Congratulations, now you can watch Antares the Series.
How to Watch Antares the Series on Telegram & WeTV-2

That’s how to watch the film Antares the Series on Telegram and WeTV along with the link to watch the film. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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