How to Watch BTS 2022 Concert Online for Free on Hypera Live

How to Watch BTS 2021 Concert Online on Hypera Live

BTS is one of the most famous kpop groups in the world today. Currently BTS is the group with the most fans due to their extraordinary talent. This boyband group is well known both in their own country of Korea and abroad.

With a huge fan base that spans across the country and the world. The band often holds concerts to interact with their fans called Army. It also satisfies the fans’ desire to see their performers on stage.

To attend a BTS concert, you may need to purchase tickets in advance online. Not even all BTS fans have enough money to buy BTS concert tickets.

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Therefore, in this article I will share how to watch a free online BTS concert for you as a BTS Army, including the MUSTER BTS performance in 2022.

Hypera Live BTS

To be able to watch BTS concerts online for free on the internet, you just have to visit the Hypera Live website. Hypera Live is a website or application that provides streaming services. There are several shows that can be watched on the Hypera Live website, including shows from South Korean television stations.

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You can watch BTS MUSTER 2022 live by visiting the Hypera Live website. No need to worry if you can’t or won’t be able to watch this BTS online concert live. The reason is that the finished BTS concert recording is still available on this Hypera site.

How to Watch BTS 2022 Concert Online on Hypera Live

Here are the steps to watch the 2022 BTS concert Online on Hypera Live for free:

  1. First, open your favorite browser from either a PC or cellphone, then visit the Hypera Live site at
  2. Wait until the media player to watch the BTS concert appears, After the media player appears, now click the button Play.
  3. If you want to watch another one, then you can press the triple line button.
  4. Next, you can choose which channel you want to watch via this Hypera Live site.

BTS at a Glance

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BTS is a seven-member group that debuted in 2022 under the management of BigHit Entertainment. There are three big entertainment companies (YG, SM, and JYP) that produce many talented and prolific artists. BigHit is not one of them. In fact, BTS is the first group to fully debut under BigHit’s management, and they currently manage only three groups. So BTS’s global success is pretty cool, especially considering they’ve been underdogs in the industry for years.

In 2022, BTS released their album WINGS ushering in a new era that deals with themes of temptation, the battle between good and evil, and self-discovery. Their most popular song during this era is “Blood Sweat & Tears” which you must watch as it is quite good to look at.

RM was the first to join the company and was the leader of the group. The leader in K-pop is often the spokesperson for the group, receiving awards and leading in interviews, which works out well because Namjoon is bilingual! He learned English on his own by watching Friends over and over again.

That’s a tutorial on how to watch the 2022 BTS concert Online on Hypera Live for free. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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