Indosat Tiktok quota cannot be used? this is how to solve it

TikTok Quota Indosat Quota Cannot be used – Indosat Ooredo internet starter pack users will definitely get a free tiktok quota promo. But not a few complain because Indosat quota cannot be used for TikTok. there must be a reason, actually to overcome it is quite easy, namely by changing the tiktok quota to the main quota? then how? You can see the following tutorial.

Indosat is also one of the internet card providers that provides the best service and makes it easy for someone to communicate even though they are in a far away place.

In order to become one of the providers loved by the people of Indonesia, Indosat also always provides interesting promos, whether it’s discounts on buying credit, free quota, and internet package prices that are quite cheap.

However, recently, Indosat also provided an offer that is no less attractive, namely being able to change the tiktok quota into a regular quota without an application. Then how? You can read the explanation below.

The tiktok quota is internet quota that can only be used to access the Tik Tok application. In the tiktok application, there are lots of cool and interesting short videos.

So don’t be surprised if a lot of people like and use the Tiktok application to reduce boredom at home.

Now, through this promo, every Indosat card user doesn’t have to worry about running out of quota because they can access tiktok for free.

But until now there are also many people who do not know how to get this tiktok quota. For that, please follow the tutorial on how to get tiktok IM3 quota for free below.

How to get Indosat IM3 tiktok quota for free

Here are some guidelines that you can follow to get a free Indosat IM3 tiktok quota easily, please follow the steps.

  1. First, please install the My IM3 application on your Android.
  2. Then register your Indosat starter pack and login with your registered mobile number.
  3. If you have successfully logged in, please open the main menu or homepage and select the data section.
  4. If when you open the data menu there is a Tik Tok quota, it means you have got the quota for free.
  5. And now you can use your tiktok quota to access the TikTok application without having to reduce your main quota.

If you want to use Indosat’s tiktok quota to access other applications, that’s actually possible. Because you just need to follow how to change the tiktok quota to regular quota without an application, which we will convey below.

Why can’t Indosat Tiktok Quota be used

The SIM card / provider card is a kind of chip that you usually need to use telecommunications services.

More than that, the SIM Card is also used to get a network or internet connection on a smartphone. Not infrequently you encounter various obstacles in its use, for example a network error occurs when you are going to use internet access.

No exception to Indosat SIM card who also often experience problems. Some Indosat card users often complain that the card suddenly can’t be used for internet.

Of course a problem like this is enough to irritate you, right? But don’t worry, try some of the ways below to solve your Indosat card not being able to surf.

How to Overcome No Indosat Quota But Can’t TIKTOK and Internet

Indosat quota cannot be used? even though there are still a lot of packages. Have I experienced this? Indosat Tiktok quota can’t be used, but there can’t be used IM3 internet. Even though before it was still normal it was just fine

Because indeed for internet activities I chose the Indosat card, because the network in my area is better than other cards. The problem is, why can’t you make the internet all of a sudden.

I’ll start trying to fix my brain fiddling with settings and so on then it can be used again

Well, for those of you who use the Indosat IM3 card, the tiktok package. And experiencing the same problem, you can try the tips that I will discuss here

With a note, your Indosat card is still active and the quota package is still available. Here’s how to solve Indosat card can’t get internet

The first step is to identify the problem why the Indosat TikTok quota cannot be used. So, there are cases where the Indosat card can’t open the internet just for browsing. But for the chat application it’s still smooth

Activate Airplane Mode

Refresh the signal first. If the symptom of the Indosat Tiktok quota still cannot be used, it appears, try this way so that you can lure/refresh your network. By going to settings and selecting airplane mode then enable it.

You can also look for your smartphone’s status panel and then activate it and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, you can deactivate airplane mode again, the smartphone will automatically refresh your Indosat card network.

How to overcome the unusable tiktok Indosat quota has been done by many people in general when facing no internet connectivity on the simcard.

Changing Internet APN

APN itself stands for Access Point Network. Often the wrong or empty Indosat APN makes your card unable to access tiktok or the internet. So you can try to check and rename Apn in settings.

The way to overcome the Indosat Tiktok quota cannot be used, this second one only enters in Arrangement > Network/Mobile data > select APN. You can choose the default settings according to the Indosat provider. You can exit the menu after that, then see if your smartphone can be used.

Check Indosat Tiktok Quota Remaining

Please check your Indosat quota, make sure the special TikTok internet quota is not being divided. even if it is divided for regular internet packages, they still exist. You can check by sending an SMS with the format: USAGE send to 363

Switch 4G Network

You can do this method if Indosat Tiktok internet access can’t be used, even if it’s very slow, it can’t even be accessed. At the same time you can check the type of network available between 4G/3G/2G.

Just log in to Arrangement > Network/Mobile data > Sim card 1/2 > select network priority. You will be given a choice of priority only on 4G, 3G, 2G networks or automatically.

For users of Tiktok Indosat 4G quota, try to choose by changing the 3G priority then exit and wait a while until the card catches the network.

Restart Hp

Turning off your smartphone due to overheating also causes Indosat’s tiktok quota to not be used and this is one of the solutions to the problem of no internet access. Unlike airplane mode.

Indosat Tiktok quota cannot be used, can be overcome. By turning off your smartphone, you can rest the components that function to look for signals because your smartphone may be “tired” of being used continuously. After it is enough, you can turn on the smartphone and start the internet connectivity test of your Indosat card.

Contacting Indosat Call Center

The last way is to call the IM3 Indosat call center, with this step you can certainly find out why the Indosat Tiktok quota cannot be used.

above can’t solve it then you better contact Indosat call center or go to the call center directly. It is also possible that an error occurred in your Indosat card system.

Without having to go to Grapari you can make calls to the Indosat call center number, namely 100 from your smartphone dial.

How to change tiktok quota to main quota on Indosat

Many users of the tiktok application are curious about how to change the tiktok quota into internet quota.

Therefore, many also use additional applications such as VPNs to be able to access various applications on their Smartphones.

But here we recommend you to download the Pshipon Pro application.

  • After you have successfully installed, select the VPN settings menu.
  • Check all the application options then go back to the main menu.
  • When you are on the main page please check the menu disable timeout and show malware alerts.
  • If you have returned to the main menu and select proxy settings, then you can select the option to connect via http proxy.
  • Then you go to the custom http header.
  • In the main header, fill in the headers x-online -host and
  • Next, fill in the second header with the connection header and the value of Wapthree.

If you have done everything, then return to the main menu and ready to run the Pshipon Pro application.

How to change tiktok quota to main quota without an application

Until now there has not been found a way to change the tiktok quota into a regular quota without using an application. But you don’t need to worry because there is an additional application called the Pshipon Pro application.

For that, if you want to change your tiktok quota to your main quota, then you have to use an additional application, namely Pshipon Pro which you can download via the Google Play Store.

This application is a paid application. But if you want to get the application for free, you can go through the link that we shared above.

So this Unusable Indosat Quota, you can look for an alternative by changing the tiktok quota to a regular quota, you can’t do it without an application, but you have to need an additional application called Pshipon Pro.

The final word

That’s all we can say about Indosat Quota Cannot be used. On the other hand, we also recommend you to use the Pshipon Pro application only.

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