KineMaster Diamond 4.1.4 Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked Without Watermark)

KineMaster Diamond 4.1.4 – Did you know the most popular kinemaster app there is the latest this apk is available on our website and it’s free to download! It is a great video editing app with lots of powerful and easy to use editing features.

They are color schemes, background stitches, voiceovers, and lots of video special effects to help you become a professional blogger.

The digital age is now really developing fast and advanced. This can be seen from the number of various types of applications that can be easily reached via a netbook or cellphone. For those of you who like the world of correction, especially video, you can find professional video correction applications such as kinemaster pro apk.

When you watch a quality video, starting from the image to the impact, therefore, it has been confirmed that the video you are watching has been edited in such a way. Now, you can make your own video corrections easily, quickly and with optimal results using only Kinemaster pro. Here’s a complete discussion of the application that will make you feel like a professional editor!

Kinemaster is an application that is used to edit or edit videos. By using this application you can make videos with good quality only through your cellphone. Moreover, using the version Kinemaster Diamond which is free.

Kinemaster Diamond is a modification of the original version by adding or subtracting some things. By using this application, various types of videos can be directly created without having to think about subscription fees or watermarks.

Thanks to the proliferation of technology, Android smartphones can now easily edit videos professionally just like on a PC. You can easily find many good video editing apps in the app store.

Today, we present one of the best of all, KineMaster. This amazing app developed by KineMaster Corporation has now received more than 100 million downloads on Play Store. It is one of the most downloaded media apps.

Kinemaster is a feature-rich video editing app for Android. This app has all the features needed to customize the video to your liking and it’s completely free.

Kinemaster can edit your videos with many great tools. It is one of those video processing apps that has all the functions needed for editing. Especially for Android devices, it is completely free.

With this app, you can add and link multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting. Apart from that, it has color adjustment tools to edit and enhance videos and images. The app also has color schemes to create stunning effects.

What is Kinemaster Diamond?

Kinemaster pro apk is an instant video correction application that is professionally planned to make it easier for you to make quality video results. This application is the right solution for those of you who want to learn or train yourself to be a reliable video editor. There is this application that can also provide support for you to become a youtuber with character.

You can use the kinemaster pro application not only via a netbook, but you can also take it on your cellphone. The cellphone used must have at least 2GB of RAM. Kinemaster pro apparently has several types ranging from free to paid. If you want to produce better videos, make sure to use the premium version.

Kinemaster pro apk has many versions that you can specify according to your video correction needs. This application is undergoing improvements from day to day to provide more complete, great and latest features. Here are some types of kinemaster that you need to know.

Advantages of Kinemaster Diamond version

KineMaster is definitely one of the best video editors on Android. It comes with lots of great features that let you easily edit videos to turn them into unique products.

The features in the kinemaster application are very useful for making videos with perfect quality. For that you must understand what are the features of this application, especially the modified version Kinemaster Diamond.

1. Unlimited Layers


One feature that is very reliable is the layer on the video that is not limited. By using this layer, you can easily add various types of media needed on the video.

In some scenes there can be several layers that contain video, audio, to animation and several other effects. With unlimited layers, you can add anything to make the video look more interesting.

2. Green Screen Support


By using Kinemaster Diamond In this case you can also use a background in the form of a green screen. By using this background, the background can be changed using various types of images according to your needs.

Because it supports green screen, using this application alone you can make a kind of short film. Various visual manipulations can be done well so that the videos made are more professional.

3. 4K Video Quality


The quality of the video produced by using this application is perfect. If you want to have a high enough resolution, the video can be output to 4K. This means that there is no need to doubt the visual quality.

With this large enough quality, various types of video resolutions can be made according to needs. For example, if you want to make a video for YouTube, the resolution is made higher so that users can enjoy it more.

4. Video Speed ​​18x


Use Kinemaster Diamond, will also make it easier for you to accelerate the video. By using this application, the video speed can be increased up to 18 times.

With this speed you can make a kind of flashback or make a video about the movement of celestial bodies. The results of the video can be more interesting especially when combined with other effects.

4. Unlimited Assets


Every video editing app will usually have a very large collection of assets. This collection of assets is used to make videos more interesting. Usually the asset will be available in the Store and can be purchased separately.

When using the modified version Kinemaster Diamond, the various types of assets that are here are already exposed. You just need to choose which one to use. Next, make good use of all assets so that the resulting video is more perfect.

5. Reverse Video


The last feature that is no less interesting is doing reverse video. By using this video can be played in reverse. So, some parts of the video can be made but unique.

Could be a video about someone who fell into the water. If you do the reverse process, the video will turn upside down like a person coming out of water. This feature is quite interesting because it can be used to manipulate videos.


If you want to use this application, it’s a good idea to listen to how to download it first. Next, use the download link that will be presented at the bottom.

  • Use Chrome browser either in the contents or HP to carry out the download process. It would be even better if you use a cellphone because you will not need to do the APK transfer process again.
  • Use the download link from the app new version. (You can use the link below).
  • After entering the download page, Click download button.
  • Wait for the download process from start to finish. Usually only a few minutes.
  • When finished, check whether the file already exists or not.

Next for the download link, see the table below.

App name Kinemaster Diamond
Version 4.14
Updates May 2022
File size 97 MB
Link Download

How to Install Kinemaster Diamond 4.14


Each Pro variant application is a third party, for that the installation process is quite different, because it must require special steps. If you have never installed the premium version of the application via an Android smartphone, you can follow the steps below:

Because it is a modification and includes an illegal application, of course you can’t find KineMaster Pro MOD APK on the Google Play Store.

Therefore, this modified application has a different installation method from official applications. But unfortunately, KineMaster MOD APK is not available for iOS.

So that you are not confused, see Jaka’s explanation below:

  1. Download KineMaster Pro MOD APK file through link which Jaka has given above.
  2. Open HP, then open the menu Settings.
  3. In the Settings menu, scroll to find the menu Security.
  4. Tick ​​or activate the option Install from Unknown Sources.
  5. If you have, open File Managerthen look for the KineMaster Pro MOD APK file that you have downloaded download.
  6. Click on the app to install. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  7. You can now use the application.

Every user of Kinemaster diamond Pro must really fall in love with this application because they can really feel the greatness of the features it has compared to other editing applications. The Pro version is indeed far more superior and charming enough to pamper its users.

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