Latest Golden Quran Apk Android 2022, Download Here

Golden Quran Apk Android – On this occasion just infoins only will share golden quran apk android. An application that is very useful for you Muslims.

The golden quran or golden quran is equipped with complete features that can be accessed easily. You can read the Koran anytime and anywhere with the Golden Quran application.

The presence of the golden quran is also based on smartphone technology. So that access to reading the Koran can be easier because it can be done anywhere.

With the golden quran application, you can read the quran any time easily. The completeness of the features offered is also the reason why this application is sought after.

Features of Golden Quran Apk

You can access the features available in the golden quran application for free. There are various features in the application such as audio player, translation and interpretation in English as well as Persian.

Golden quran also provides unique and beautiful designs. That is also one of the reasons why the golden quran is very suitable for religious programs.

Latest Golden Quran Apk Android 2022, Download Here

Golden Quran Apk Android

In addition to the features that the admin explained above, the golden quran apk still has many other features. And of course you can access these features for free at no cost.

For example, search features, al quran markers, voice, detail surah al quran, verses and translations. And many other features of golden quran apk.

The size of the golden quran application is also very small, which is only about 10mb. If you are interested in downloading the latest version of the golden quran apk, then please refer to the explanation below.

Download Link Golden Quran Apk

For download golden quran apk androidyou can directly click the link beside: Click Here

By clicking the link that the admin has provided above. You can download the golden quran application. Pretty simple isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Please download the application and start using the golden quran apk android!


Okay friends, that’s all the admin can say about download golden quran apk new version. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting

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