Latest Money Making Coin Auction App, Is It Safe

Coin Auction Application – Money-making Apk is indeed always interesting to review. Recently, there has been a new money-making application called Auction Coin apk. Well, we will review this auction in full and its safety

Many people are tempted to use this Lelangkoin. Because the Lelangkoin application distributes Rp. 50,000 in a free way for current consumers.

If you are tempted to use the Lelangkoin application, then you have to follow this review well.

Coin Auction App Overview

Lelangkoin is a new money making website where you can make money by inviting friends and donating.

If you record at Lelangkoin, then you will get Rp. 50,000 in a direct way in addition.

In this Lelangkoin application you can fund to carry out a coin auction. The Lalalngkoin application has the intention that old coins can be sold for hundreds of millions of rupiah.

How to Register at Lelangkoin Apk

Registration for the Lelangkoin application is very easy. You can even register at Lelangkoin apk using illegal nicknames and cellphone numbers. Furthermore, the guidance on taking notes is applied to the money-making Lelangkoin:

  1. Click the Lelangkoin registration link, which is at the bottom of this note
  2. Click the Find button, press Ok, then enter your phone number, recent sign, and your nickname.
  3. Enter the appropriate security code printed on the screen, then click Record.
  4. If the registration is successful you can click the Find button to claim an additional Rp. 50,000.

How to Register the Coin Auction App

To be able to register or register at the coin auction, you need to click on the coin auction link without the need to install the application.

You can register yourself at auctionkoin by clicking the link here

How to Earn Money in Auction Apk

In this Lelangkoin apk you can earn money by inviting friends. Invite 10 people at Lelangkoin apk to have Rp. 10. 000. If you invite more friends, then you will get more money at Lelangkoin.

Not only inviting friends, you can also get capital at Lelangkoin. You must deposit or maximum up for coin investment. Next you will get daily income and profits like what has been offered.

How to Invite Friends to the Auctionein App

This Lelangkoin application is close to the majority money-making apk. As a result, you will not have trouble using this apk. Next how to play Lelangkoin:

  1. If you want to invite friends at Lelangkoin, then click the Home menu. Click Shares, then press the This is your invite link button to move your invite link.
  2. If you are tempted to donate until you can click the coin menu in the middle. Pay attention to the length of investment and the profit offered by Lelangkoin.
  3. The cheapest investment is IDR 150,000, while the most expensive coin investment is IDR 20,000,000.
  4. Click Invest in the coin investment product you want, enter the investment amount, then click Payment.
  5. Select the payment method, then complete the payment.
  6. You will be able to profit every day after successfully investing in Lelangkoin.

How to Withdraw Money at Auction Apk

Withdrawals can be tried after you accumulate a minimum difference of Rp. 200,000. The money you earn will be deducted by 12% for admin fees. Further guidance on withdrawing money at the money-making Lelangkoin:

  1. Click the My menu, tap the Withdraw button.
  2. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw from Lelangkoin.
  3. Fill in the bank nickname, account owner nickname, and account number.
  4. Press the Submit button, then wait for Lelangkoin to do your revocation.

Is Auction Money Making Safe to use?

Of course the answer is NO!

This is due to the fact that the Lelangkoin investment does not have permission from any legal entity such as the OJK, the Department, or Bank Indonesia.

The identity of the Lelangkoin apk is also very close to the identity of money-making applications that generally carry out deception. Therefore, stay away from maximum ups in Lelangkoin.

So for those of you who don’t want to lose money, never top up or update your balance at the apk coin auction, if you want to try it, do it at your own risk, gang.

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