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Dead Body Tangmo Nida Teegram – Currently, photos without blurring Tangmo Nida’s corpse on Telegram are viral so netizens are hunting for them. This incident then made Telegram users excited. Are you like them looking for Viral Nida’s corpse photos? hands!!! Dead Body Tangmo Nida Teegram link is here

Tangmo Nida’s corpse circulating on Telegram became the most horrendous information or news. Because, the cause of death of the Thai artist is still a mystery.

Tangmo Nida’s Corpse Photo Case

Tangmo Nida is a talented and multi-talented artist from Thailand. Unfortunately, Tangmo Nida’s name went viral because of his odd death. Tangmo was found dead in Chao Praya on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 13:10 local time.

Tangmo allegedly fell while riding a speedboat with his manager and friends. From the information circulating, Tangmo could fall due to a jolt on the speedboat when he was trying to urinate. Tangmo drowned and was only found two days later.

The public has speculated a lot about Tangmo’s death case. It felt like there was something very odd about Tangmo’s death. This suspicion arose after photos of Tangmo’s body spread on social media.

Many Twitter residents shared photos of Tangmo’s body condition. Some also shared photos of the late Tangmo to Telegram channels. In the photo, the deep incision is shown in the thigh. Tangmo’s face had also turned black.

A deep thigh wound can be caused by the speedboat’s propeller incision. Even so, many people and netizens speculate that Tangmo Nida died because he was murdered.

Tangmo Nida’s Body Photo Viral

According to the photo of Tangmo Nida’s corpse on Telegram, the condition of his body was torn in the thigh. Even though he was previously reported to have drowned.

Thai police reveal forensic results and disbelief to Nida Patcharaveerapong’s friends.

The Twitter social media world is busy discussing the latest case of a Thai artist, Nida Patcharaveerapong or commonly called Tangmo Nida, who died of drowning recently.

Not a few netizens are curious and look for photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse or corpse on Twitter and Telegram.

Not only that, the chronology and disclosure of this alleged case full of irregularities also caught the attention of netizens on Twitter and Telegram.

For information, based on the latest information that is summarized, that the Thai Police have carried out forensic tests.

Quoted from Thai PBS, forensic results have not provided any indication whether the Thai actress fell from the ship or was pushed.

However, the police said they did not believe the testimonies of the five friends who were on the same boat as Tangmo Nida.

So far, they have surrendered the clothes they wore at night, have undergone physical examinations and have provided DNA samples for forensic analysis.

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Dead Body Tangmo Nida Telegram Viral

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Although Tangmo’s photos can be accessed easily, you shouldn’t have to look and look for photos of bodies. This is a form of respect for the deceased. Spreading photos of accident victims is also not ethical.

So as much as possible not to share and watch photos of Tangmo Nida. As netizens, we can only observe the journey of the Tangmo Nida case. Let’s wait until the authorities shrink this case completely.

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Associate Professor Dr. Werasak Charaschaisri, a forensic expert, spoke to Thai PBS and said that the deep wound to his leg may have been caused by the boat’s propeller.

But it is not known whether the wound was caused before or after death. He explained that there was a possibility of a laceration, which was about 30 cm long.

Can cut deep into major arteries, which will limit Nida’s ability to help herself.

As for the sand found in Nida’s lungs, Dr. Werasak explained that he was still breathing when he fell into the river, because the sand could enter his lungs when he drowned.

He also explained that because of the current in the Chao Phraya River, sand particles can be suspended in the water. Therefore, people do not have to sink to the bottom of the river to get sand in their lungs.

Meanwhile, many locals lay flowers at Pibulsongkram Pier in Nonthaburi province today, in memory of the late Tangmo Nida.

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