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Watch Layangan Putus Episode 9 on Telegram – Watch streaming film Layangan Putus Episode 8 on WeTv today, we will provide a link to watch episode 9 streaming film Layangan Putus in this article.

Watching the streaming drama film Layangan Putus Episode 9 will discuss about Keenan who is trying to maintain his pride as a woman.

Trailer Series Kites Break episode 8

The following are leaks or spoilers for the series Layangan Putus episode 8, starring Reza Rahadian, Anya Geraldine, and Putri Marino.

In episode 7B, Kinan and Aris had a big fight because they lost their second child, Reno.

Kinan’s attitude began to melt towards Aris. That night, when Aris was fast asleep, it turned out that Kinan had a plan.

He tapped Aris’s cellphone and sent messages to his mistress via an app that had been tapped.

Kinan also has a plan to ask Aris to have dinner out, as a plan to trap Aris and Lydia to meet each other.

Aris started the trailer for episode 8 of Layangan Putus, explaining to Lidya that he and Lidya would be reported to the police by Kinan. Lidya immediately said that Kinan was evil.

Ares, who had an affair with Keenan, still defended Keenan that he was not evil. Keenan as a wife just not willing to accept all these facts.

In another scene, Raya, who is on a video call with Aris, is surprised to see her teacher, Mrs. Lidya, with her father. Keenan immediately picked up the phone and explained that it wasn’t Lydia, it was probably Papa’s co-worker, and it wasn’t Ares.

The web series Kites Putus episode 8 A and B are certainly eagerly awaited by fans.

Look forward to the continuation of the story of the Disconnected Kites series in episodes 8 A and B which is scheduled to air on Friday and Saturday, January 7-8, 2022.

Fans of the Disconnected Kites series can watch the continuation of the story on the WeTV platform every 18.00 WIB.

Link Watch Kites Break Episode 9 WeTv

The WeTV film series, entitled Kites of Disconnection itself, stars a lot of Indonesian star actors and actresses.

Some of the artists who took part in Layangan Disconnect were among others: Reza Rahadian, Putri Marino, to Anya Geraldine.

The story in this film is a story adapted from a novel by Mommy ASF alias Eka Nur Prasetya.

For your information, the film series Layangan Putus which airs on WeTV regularly airs new episodes every Friday and Saturday at 18.00 WIB.

Watch the kite film Disconnect Episode 8 below Kites/c0041kq9nef-Trailer-EP7-Will-Is-Guilt-This-Make-Aris-Aware%3F-%7C-Break-Up Kites

Usually these movies are uploaded to a special group or channel on Telegram, and then everyone can access them. One of them is a link to watch the broken kite telegram episode 8.

Watch Kites Break Episode 9 on Telegram

Here’s the streaming link to watch Layangan Putus episodes 8, 9, 10 for free on WeTV, not down and telegram.

For those of you who are loyal viewers of the WeTV series, Layangan Putus, of course, you can’t wait for each new episode.

This article will present the broadcast schedule and links to watch streaming Layangan Putus episode 8 which has been waiting for broadcast.

To get the film itself, users can directly click on the download button in the group or channel that provides a viewing or streaming link.

For those who want to watch kites, the link to the 8th telegram is broken. You can go directly to the following page or link,

LINK STREAMING Watch Kites Break Episode 9, Free on WeTV

Now for episodes 7A, 8A, 7B, 8B, the following is the broadcast schedule for free and VIP subscribers.

Friday, January 7, 2022

FREE : Episode 7A

VIP : Episode 8A

Saturday, January 8, 2022

FREE : Episode 7B

VIP : Episode 8B

For those of you who want to watch live streaming on WeTV, click the link that we present below.


That’s the discussion about the link to watch the broken kite Episode 8 A and 8 B in full on Telegram and WeTv. I hope this helps

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