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Here is the link to watch Layangan Putus episode 9, which is now airing on Telegram, WeTv, Lk21 and other online cinemas such as Neflix.

Layangan Putus episode 9 has now aired, you can watch it via this link.

In Layangan Putus episode 9, on the watching link, it can be seen that Raya seems to be crying because the Kinan was betrayed by Aris.

Aris seems to prefer Lidya in front of Kinan, thus making Raya hurt on the link to watch Layangan Putus episode 9 this afternoon. Synopsis of Kites Disconnect, complete with episodes of Kites Putus, not from Layangan Putus LK21.

Kites Break Up Episode 9A and Watch Kites Break Up 9B

Check out the spoiler for episode 9 of Layangan Putus before watching it via the watch link at the end of this article.

Links to watch Layangan Putus episode 9 or Layangan Putus episode 9A and Layangan Putus episode 9B are available. This link is not from Layangan Putus LK21, but from WeTV as the official publisher of every episode of Layangan Putus. See also the synopsis of Disconnected Kites in this article.

The following is a brief synopsis of Layangan Putus episode 9 which will air Friday and Saturday, January 14 and 15, 2022, as quoted from AyoMalang.

Spoiler Broken Kite episode 9

In the previous episode, Aris had an accident.

Aris had an accident after he tried to contact Kinan.

On the other hand, Kinan canceled his lawsuit against Aris and Lydia.

Returning to Aris, after experiencing an accident, Lydia was the first person to be contacted by the hospital.

Lydia rushed to the hospital and claimed to be Aris’s wife.

This suddenly made Kinan furious when he arrived at the hospital and found out that Lydia claimed to be the husband of Raya’s father.

In episode 9 Layangan Putus, Aris finally recovered and carried out his usual activities.

Raya will go sightseeing with Aris.

Not with Kinan, Raya went for a walk with Aris and Lydia.

The touching moment and made Aris cry was when Raya wrote a touching message

Secretly, the child from Kinan realized his parents’ problems.

Raya wrote a touching message to Aris which read “That When You Hurt Mamim, You Hurt Me Too (If you hurt Mamim, you hurt me too)”.

This message from Raya was enough to make Aris cry.

What will Aris do after reading the letter from Raya?

Link Watch ServiceBro Broken Episode 9 Sub Indo Full Movie

Watch Layangan Putus episode 9 via the link provided below.


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