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Link to Watch Disconnected Kites Telegram – There is a new Indonesian film that is very fun to watch with family. This article contains How to watch the Disconnected Kite movie on Telegram and WeTV along with the download link. Disconnected Kites, a new online series, has recently been getting a lot of attention. This Breakup Kit has gone viral on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, among other platforms. Because in episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 there are interesting stories from the film kites break up

The Disconnected Kites series has reached eps 8A, 8B and even in episodes 9A and 90 B, it has attracted the interest of many people. As a result, this time we will discuss the film Kites Break up which is again viral on TikTok.

MD Entertainment’s Disconnected Kites series is based on a viral internet narrative created by ASF’s Mommy pen.

The story of this film begins with a rant on social media. However, the plot was later expanded into a novel of the same name. WeTV will air Break Up Kites on November 26, 2022.

For those who are curious and haven’t had time to watch this film, at the end of the article the team will share a free link for you.

Of course, in this first episode, there are still puzzles that make the audience curious, and you should follow the film series.

However, in general terms from this film, Kinan always feels that his household is a kite, with Aris and himself as masters.

Now he is faced with the fact that Aris has another lover behind him, threatening his household into an aimless breakup kite.

A Glance of Drama Series Disconnected Kites

Telegram Disconnect Kit
Telegram Disconnect Kit

In this digital era, there are several online streaming services that you can choose from. But usually it’s not free, you have to subscribe first to be able to watch the movie.

For those of you who want to watch movies for free, the Telegram application can be an alternative way to watch movies without spending money.

Not long ago, a film was released which immediately became the talk of the town because it had an exciting storyline. The name of the film that is currently viral is Kites Break.

For those of you who are interested in watching this film for free, then you can use the Disconnect Telegram kite link which will be shared in this article.

Synopsis of Kites Break Up

The web series film entitled “Layangan Disconnect” is played by well-known artists in Indonesia such as Reza Rahardian who plays Aris, Putri Marino who plays Kinan, and Anya Geraldinne who plays Lydia Danira. This film tells the story of a marriage struggle which is colored by the presence of a third person in their marriage.

At first, Aris as Kinan’s husband had a warm nature towards his family. But suddenly Aris’s character changed after the presence of Lydia Danira who became his dark lover. Until one day, Kinan saw Aris making out with another woman. So that Kinan’s suspicions about Aris who committed this affair were proven.

The following is a link to watch the film Kites Disconnect, a viral story on social media. This Indonesian Drama series seems to have a romantic story.

The film Kites Putus is an Indonesian drama produced by MD Entertainment and directed by Benni Setiawan.

The main characters in the film Kites Disconnect are Reza Rahardian, Putri Marino and Anya Geraldine. The film premieres on November 26, 2022 on WeTV and Iflix.

For those of you who are curious about this Indonesian drama film, you can directly watch Layangan Putus on the official website of WeTV or iflix for free.

Indonesian romantic drama films seem to be quite attractive to Indonesian viewers. The story of Kites Putus tells the story of a wife with 4 children that she has to raise.

In the story of the Disconnected Kite, the husband is known to be religious, and even has a propaganda YouTube channel. The sad story, the husband remarried to a celebrity without the knowledge of the first wife.

The Disconnected Kites series depicts the family story of Kinan (Putri Marino) and Aris (Reza Rahadian), whose fate is as uncertain as a broken kite.

Kinan also seems to realize and accept the fact that her husband is having an affair with one of her co-workers, Miranda (Frederika Cull).

Aris has always been a good husband, a good parent, and a good listener to Kinan. He investigated the affair because he was dissatisfied.

Kinan, unable to accept this reality himself, tells a story to Lydia (Anya Geraldine). Lydia, her best friend and child psychologist, is her confidant.

Aris will be played by Reza Rahadian. He is known as a loyal husband. Unfortunately, Aris had an affair with one of his co-workers.

Reza Rahadian, who plays the character who has an affair, admits that he is ready to be disliked. Reza Rahadian is a famous Indonesian actor who has won many awards.

Kinan will be played by Putri Marino. Aris’s wife is restless and depressed due to being cheated on. Instead, he had to be strong in front of their children. Putri Marino’s name became famous after starring in the film Possessive in 2022.

Lydia, played by Anya Geraldine, is a child psychologist and Kinan’s best friend. Anya Geraldine, previously known as Selebgram, is now venturing into the realm of acting. He has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Pretty Little Liars Indonesia, Tusuk Jelangkung, Yowes Ben, and others.

Miranda is played by Frederika Cull who also plays Pelakor, Aris’ business partner. Frederika Cull is the winner of the 2022 Puteri Indonesia event and was included in the top ten Miss Universe before pursuing a career in acting.

Lola is played by Raquel Katie Larkin. Raquel Katie Larkin has acted in various horror films before joining the series Breakup Kites. Jerry Likumahuwa’s wife has appeared in films such as Sacred, Whispers of the Devil, Rasuk 2, and others.

The Main Actor in the Film Kite Break Up

Reza Rahadian will play Aris. He is a husband figure who is known to be affectionate. Unfortunately, it turns out that Aris was having an affair with his co-worker.

Playing a character who has an affair, Reza Rahadian admits that he is ready to be hated. Reza Rahadian himself is well known as a top Indonesian actor who has bought up many awards.

Princess Marino will play Kinan. The figure of Aris’s wife who is stressed and sad because she is being cheated on. On the other hand, he also had to be strong in front of their child.

The name Putri Marino herself became famous after starring in a film called Possessive in 2022. In this film, he looks professional in his acting.

Anya Geraldine will play a child psychologist and Kinan’s best friend, Lydia. Starting to be known as Selebgram, Anya Geraldine is now spreading her wings to the world of acting.

A number of films and series that he has starred in are Pretty Little Liars Indonesia, Tusuk Jelangkung, Yowes Ben, and so on.

Frederika Cull plays Miranda. He plays the role of a male shooter (Pelakor) in an Indonesian drama film who is also a business partner of Aris.

Before plunging into the world of acting, Frederika Cull was the winner of the 2022 Puteri Indonesia contest and made it into the top 10 of Miss Universe.

How to Watch Disconnect Kite Movies on WeTV

If you watch this Disconnected Kite, you must prepare a tissue, because it makes the heart feel sad carried away by the atmosphere in the Disconnected Kite story.

There’s no need to elaborate on the story of this breaking up kite, for those who want to watch the breaking up of streaming kites, you can visit the page at the end of the news.

What time does Disconnect kite air? The film Kites Putus will air at 18.00 WIB on November 26, 2022. The Indonesian romantic drama has been officially released on WeTV Original.

If you are interested in watching Kites break up, this movie is available on WeTv for free. You can also subscribe to WeTv to make sure that you don’t have to wait long for the next episode.

Layangan Putus is an original WeTv series starring Reza Rahadian, Putri Marino, Anya Geraldine, and Frederica Alexis Cull. In this series, you will be presented with a tense and exciting household romance.

Below is the link to watch WeTv’s Disconnect Kite. Please copy and paste the following link in a new tab of your browser.

How to Watch Disconnect Kite Movies on Telegram

The Disconnected Kites Series will start airing on WeTV on Friday, November 26, 2022. The Disconnected Kites series is produced by a well-known company, MD Pictures. And directed by Benni Setiawan.

Starring famous actors, among others, Reza Rahardian, Putri Marino, Anya Geraldine, and Fredika Culi.

Will air every Friday and Saturday at 18.00 WIB, this film has a total of 10 episodes. The film stars a number of actors and actresses including Reza Rahadian, Putri Marino, Anya Geraldine, Marthino Lio, Frederica Alexis Cull, and Raquel Katie.

The film Kite breaks is also available on Telegram, in addition to WeTv. Many channels and groups on Telegram have Disconnect Kites movies available for download. All you have to do now is to subscribe to the channel and download the Broken Kite movie.

1. Click this link: is the channel link to watch the Telegram Disconnected Kite movie.

2. Then click the button View in Channel, then you can click Join to join the Disconnect Series 2022 Kites channel.

3. All you have to do is click the button Play to watch and download the episode of the Disconnected Kite movie that you want.

But, keep in mind that watching series and movies through Telegram is actually copyright infringement and also illegal. So, I prefer you to watch Layangan Disconnect legally on WeTv only.

Link to Watch Free Movies of Kites Break Episode 1, 2 and 3

For those who are looking for a link to watch the drama series Kites break up, this is the place.

This series of Kites breaks is taken from a true story, an article circulating on social media, then continued into the form of a novel.

On November 26, 2022, Layangan Putus has officially screened the drama series. The link to watch is in this article.

Link to Watch Full Episode Film Kites Break on WETV Click: Here

Link Watch Kites Break Full Episode 8 A and B

The web series Kites Putus episode 8 A and B are certainly eagerly awaited by fans.

Look forward to the continuation of the story of the Disconnected Kites series in episodes 8 A and B which is scheduled to air on Friday and Saturday, January 7-8, 2022.

Fans of the Layangan Putus series can watch the continuation of the story on the WeTV platform every 18.00 WIB. In episode 8 which will be broadcast today, we will see Lydia who is frightened when she finds out that Kinan will report her affair with Aris to the police.

Watch the continuation of the story only in the Kites Series Disconnect Episode 8 which will air on January 7 and 8, 2022 at 18.00 WIB on WeTV.

The Kites Breakup series episodes 8 A and B can be watched via the official WeTV link or by watching the link here.

Link Watch Kites Break Full Episode

The Disconnected Kites series is produced by a well-known company, namely, MD Pictures. And directed by Benni Setiawan.

Here is a link to watch the movie Layangan Putus episode 1, 2 and 3 Click here.

That’s how to watch the movie Kites Disconnect on Telegram and WeTV. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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