Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game | Treasure chests are a significant resource in The Legend of Neverland that you should not ignore. However, these treasure maps are hard to find, so you should be on the lookout for clues about their whereabouts.

Chests are not immediately visible because they are stored in the background, making the process a lot more difficult than it should be. You have to traverse each region and hope for a trigger to appear. When you see the “Open” interaction appear, you know that you are getting close to Treasure chests.

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In this article I share how to find the location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game (treasure chests). And I hope this The Legend of Neverland treasure chest location guide will point you in the right direction.

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game

The most complicated part of finding the location of these treasure chests is that The Legend of Neverland game doesn’t have a coordinate system. This means that we have to rely on visual cues and clues to direct you to the treasure. There’s nothing to worry about, because clicking on a specific location while on the regional map will make your character run to the desired place.

When you are in the right place, you will see an “Open” interaction flashing, so use that and grab the valuable content from the treasure chest. Some chests are just for show, so if you find a chest that can’t be opened due to no interaction icon, go ahead and ignore it.

On a related note, you need to answer some questions from the Garden Party variant, Click on the image to enlarge and see the location better. Use the map to locate the treasure chest, which is represented by a green arrow.

Location of Oak Town Treasure Chest

Take a chest behind the practice dummy and the target, hidden in the bushes. The second chest is up for grabs in the lake, near the house. Move to the top of the map near the big glowing teleport. The chest is right behind the teleport.

The dodo farm hides chests which you won’t find unless you like exploring every corner. Take the Purple Crystal Chest from the interior.

Statues hiding treasure chests aren’t that uncommon, so grab this one from the left area of ​​the Oak Town map. There is a Crushing Hammer Blue item in it.

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game-2

Location of the Sofia Treasure Chest

You can find one chest near the waterwheel, by climbing the stairs to the entrance of the house. Another chest is hidden behind the cathedral, at the top of the map. Do not climb the stairs to the cathedral; instead, walk past the guards and find a chest in the corner, behind a tree. This chest contains summon seeds items.

Sophila’s right side keeps another chest near a tree and a bucket of water. Take it and you get 150K coins from treasure chest.

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game-2

Location of Kagmaw Grassland F1 Treasure

Time to look behind the waterfall. Look for a treasure chest behind this waterfall. And find another chest behind another waterfall. Close to the waterfall from the chest above, climb the path and find another chest behind the tree.

In the lower left area of ​​the map you will find some abandoned houses. Inside one of them is a treasure chest.

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game-3

Location of Kagmaw Grassland F2 Treasure Chest

Find one of the chests in the lower area of ​​the map, a bit near the waterfall. There’s another chest near the first, just a little to the side, hidden behind a bush. Look for a strange type of large egg plant and find it. Pick up one more chest for good measure in the top right area of ​​the Kagmaw Grassland F2 map. It’s not the most obvious one to get to as you have to hike up a trail and the minimap isn’t very helpful here. Find the treasure chest behind the tree.

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game-4

Location of Kagmaw Grassland F3 Treasure Chest

Behind the teleporter to Kagmaw Grassland F2 is a chest that’s neatly hidden, but not good enough to escape prying eyes. To the right of the teleporter is a very flashy chest that requires a bit of camera adjustment to see, so don’t miss it.

Move right to where the dodo roams, waiting to be destroyed. Behind some rocks is a treasure chest hidden in the bushes.

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game-5

Location of Twilight Rainforest F2 Treasure Chest

Go to the top of the map and you will easily see a chest, as the image below shows.

Location of Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game-6

Location of Twilight Rainforest F3 Treasure Chest

The bright colors of Twilight Rainforest F3 hide a few more chests. For this one treasure chest is located near the strange blue egg plant. There’s another chest behind the tree with those blue things. 150k coins waiting.

Location of Fog Swamp F1 Treasure Chest

Go to the top of the map, slightly to the right, and there is a chest that is clearly visible, you can’t miss it. The easiest Purple Crystal Chest ever.

This one is a bit unusual, as you have to use the little blue teleporter to get to the chest. Still, it’s very easy because you will respawn right next to the chest, so enjoy your reward, which is 150K coins.

Near the waterfall there is another chest waiting for you. And what is available to you? it contains the item Summon seed, that’s all.

Location of Fog Swamp F2 Treasure Chest

Behind Robin is a house, and behind that house is a treasure chest containing the Mysterious Thread x1. Within the murky swamp water in the lower left region is another treasure chest waiting, this time containing Strawberry Milk x10.

The next chest is deeply hidden behind barrels and under rocks. Find and 20 summon seeds waiting inside. Move to the left side of the swamp for another valuable chest. Run behind the wooden formation and find the chest near the glowing crystal. The purple crystal chest was the reward.

Run to the right side of the swamp. Behind the rotting house with cobwebs is another chest, this one contains 150 thousand coins.

That’s the tutorial for finding the location of the Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland Game. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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