Lola Diara Fidya Kites Break Up, Here’s His Full Profile Biodata

Who is Lola Diara the Disconnected Kite – Profile and Biodata of Lola Diara Fidya Allegedly Lidya’s Original Figure in the Disconnected Kites Series, Instagram and Twitter. In the past, Lola Diara was a celebgram who often exposed her photos using slightly open clothes. But she has now decided to emigrate and wear a veil.

Profile and Biodata of Lola Diara Fidya is suspected to be Lidya’s original figure in the Disconnected Kites series.

The film series Layangan Putus is one of the most widely discussed films of the public today.

Even the plot of the story makes many people baper to be influenced into the real world.

Aris’s domestic affair with Lidya was reportedly taken from a true story.

This is Lidya’s original figure in the real world, which is told in the Disconnected Kites film series, Lola Diara Fidya.

Who is Lola Diara Fidya

The figure of Lola Diara Fidya is suspected to be a young and beautiful celebgram who became the actor for Mommy Asf’s household or the figure of Kinan in the film series Kites Break.

From that affair, Mommy ASF finally perpetuated the history of her life by writing a serialized novel on Facebook.

The following is the profile and biodata of Lola Diara Fidya, who is suspected to be the original figure of Lidya in the film series Kites Disconnect, or is now the young wife of Ricky Zainal.

Lola Diara Fidya’s Full Profile

So who exactly is this Lola Diara?

The following is a profile and complete biodata of Lola Diara, a person who is widely discussed by Netizens and is considered as the end of the relationship between Mommy ASF and Ricky Zainal.

Full Name: Lola Diara Fidya

Stage Name: Lola Diara

Born: Jakarta, December 27, 1996

Age: 25 years old

Profession: Businessman, celebrity

Instagram: @byldf_

Twitter: @loadiara

The novel that tells of his life while living a household with Ricky Zainal is like a Disconnected Kite, hovering without a clear direction

Broken Kite Movie

Currently, Kites Disconnect has succeeded in taking the Indonesian film industry by storm.

Even now footage of the film meets various social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Not only discussing the plot of the film, netizens are also looking for the original figure of the person in the film.

Lidya, who is told as a young and beautiful celebrity who becomes an actor in Aris and Kinan’s household relationship, is thought to have known her true figure, Lola Diara Fidya.

The female figure named Lola Diara Fidya has recently become a public conversation after netizens found out that this novel was taken from a true story.

The storyline written is rumored to be the story of the author himself, namely a beautiful woman named Mommy ASF, who is told in a film called Kinan.

Meanwhile, the ex-husband who is told is Ricky Zainal, who is told in a film called Aris.

The film Kites Disconnect is currently one of the most talked about films by netizens on social media.

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