M3 Mobile Legends Tournament Link 2022 (Playoff – Grand Final World Championship)

The M3 Mobile Legends World Championship tournament schedule has completed the group stage on December 6-9, 2022. After a one-day break, the 16 best Mobile Legends teams from around the world will compete in the playoffs or knock-out rounds on December 11 to reach the grand finale. on December 19, 2022.

The playoffs of the M3 Worlds Championship will begin on December 11, 2022. Four teams will determine their fate and continued progress in this tournament. Two representatives of Indonesia, ONIC ID and RRQ Hoshi, took a different path. ONIC ID must compete in the lower bracket while RRQ Hoshi in the upper bracket. Competing in the upper bracket is certainly more profitable. In addition to the path that underwent fewer matches, the upper bracket team also had a second chance if they lost. Meanwhile, the team in the lower bracket must be more careful and fight extra so as not to be eliminated. Here’s the M3 playoff bracket:

M3 World Championship Playoff Chart / Bracket

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M3 Mobile Legends Playoff Schedule

The following is the complete schedule for the M3 Mobile Legends World Championship Playoffs

Day 1 – 11 December

Match 1: International Blacklist VS BTK (13:00 WIB)
Match 2: Bedel VS EVOS SG (17:00 WIB)

Day 2 – 12 December

Match 3: ONIC PH VS RSG SG (13:00 WIB)
Match 4: RRQ Hoshi VS Sword (17:00 WIB)

Day 3 – 13 December

Match 5: Team SMG VS ONIC Esports (11:00 WIB)
Match 6: Vivo Keyd VS GX Squad (13:30 WIB)
Match 7: Natus Vincere VS Malvinas Gaming (16:30 WIB)
Match 8: Red Canids Necklacea VS SeeYouSoon (20:00 WIB)

Day 4 – 14 December

Match 9: Loser M1 VS Winner M5 (13:00 WIB)
Match 10: Loser M2 VS Winner M6 (14:00 WIB)
Match 11: Loser M3 VS Winner M7 (15:00 WIB)
Match 12: Loser M4 VS Winner M8 (16:00 WIB)

Day 5 – 15 December

Match 13: Winner M9 VS Winner M10 (14:00 WIB)
Match 14: Winner M3 VS Winner M4 (15:00 WIB)

Day 6 – 16 December

Match 15: Winner M11 VS Winner M12 (14:00 WIB)
Match 16: Winner M1 VS Winner M2 (15:00 WIB)

Day 7 – 17 December

Match 17: Loser M14 VS Winner M13 (14:00 WIB)
Match 18: Loser M16 VS Winner M15 (15:00 WIB)

Day 8 – 18 December

Match 19: Winner M16 VS Winner M14 (14:00 WIB)
Match 20: Winner M17 VS Winner M18 (15:00 WIB)
Match 21: Loser M19 VS Winner M20 (16:00 WIB)

December 19 Grand Final
Winner M19 VS Winner M21 (16:00 WIB)

The following is a live streaming link to watch RRQ Hoshi’s struggle at M3 2022: Latest Sporting News 0:27/0:50 LINK 1 LINK 2

Read more: https://www.indosport.com/esports/20221209/klik-dan-link-live-streaming-m3-2022-saatnya-rrq-hoshi-beraksi/elektron-m3-2022-hari-ini

Well, MLBB fans around the world can join the fun of the M3 Mobile Legends World Championship on YouTube Mobile Legends. Don’t miss the match between two Indopride teams: ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi.

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