Mr. Jokowi Playing Free Fire? Check the facts here

Mr. Jokowi Play Free Fire – On this occasion, just info will discuss Mr. Jokowi play free fire. Is it true that Pak Jokowi is playing FF? To treat curiosity, please continue to read this article.

As we all know, Mr. Jokowi, whose full name is Joko Widodo, is the president of Indonesia. He is an honorable person with his current title of President of Indonesia.

Well, recently there was a viral statement about the Indonesian president. Namely, Pak Jokowi plays FF or free fire, and this statement surprised netizens.

Free fire itself is the battleground game most interested in by Indonesian gamers. And to find out what fact jokowi playing free fireplease see the explanation below.

Is Pak Jokowi Playing FF?

Mr. jokowi does not play free fire, the statement about Mr. jokowi playing ff is just a lie. Of course, the president is still busy with the affairs of our beloved country.

Especially with the covid virus pandemic, the president is definitely getting busier. Then why is there a statement saying that President Joko Widodo is playing? free fire?

Of course, it was caused by irresponsible people who used the name Pak Jokowi as the nickname ff. This should not be allowed because it will bring down Pak Jokowi’s name.

Mr. Jokowi Playing Free Fire? Check the facts here

Mr. Jokowi Play Free Fire

Even though Pak Jokowi as the president of Indonesia claims that free fire is the pride of Indonesia. This is because FF is the best-selling game in Indonesia and has many e-sports teams.

So, that’s the answer from the admin regarding the question does pak jokowi play ff? Oh yes, if you are not an FF player and are interested in playing it, then see the following review.

How to Download Free Fire Games

Free fire is a game that you can download for free on the play store. All you have to do is open the google play store, type Free Fire in the search field and then download the apk.

This game that uses the battleground genre also has a size that is friendly to potato cellphones. Therefore, FF is much in demand by gamers and Indonesian netizens.


Okay friends, admin, I think that’s all I can say about Mr. Jokowi plays FF. Hopefully it can be useful and thank you for visiting

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