My Recap Instagram 2022, How to Make an Instagram Recap 2022

My Recap Instagram 2022 – Did you know Recap Instagram 2022? Wargannet is curious about how to make a 2022 Instagram recap. How not, lately, a lot of netizens on IG have shared their Instagram account recaps.

Google’s music streaming app, YouTube Music, has finally launched an annual recap feature called “Year in Music: 2022Recap”.

This feature is similar to the Spotify Wrapped annual recap music feature that has been present on the Spotify service since 2022.

Actually, the 2022Recap feature has been released gradually to users since early December.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media today. In this application, users can upload posts in the form of videos or photos.

Users can choose various options for uploading content, from posting feeds, stories, IGTV or reels. Uploaded posts can be in the form of photos or videos.

Recently, there have been so many user uploads on Instagram to welcome 2022. The upload is called My Recap Instagram 2022 g . Wondering how to make it?

What is Recap 2022 Instagram

Like Spotify Wrapped 2022, 2022 Recap on YouTube Music also presents recap data on users’ listening behavior for the past year.

Starting from the most listened to playlists along with the total duration of streaming time, new songs and artists found, to the titles of the songs that are played most often.

My Recap Instagram 2022 are posts by users in welcoming the new year 2022 considering that this year will soon be over.

A recap post is a post filled with photos and videos that you have gone through in 2022 which are made into a video with a fairly fast duration.

The style of this post is similar to Instagram’s 2022 playback feature. It’s just that the recap posts that have gone viral on Instagram have recently been made manually and not made via Instagram.

To make it, you need a capable video editing application such as Alight Motion, VN, Kinemaster Pro or other video editing applications.

In addition, users are also presented with a special playlist based on the user’s music streaming activity in the YouTube Music app throughout 2022.

The recap can also be downloaded and shared on other platforms, such as Instagram Stories.

Like the appearance of this new 2022Recap feature and how do you share this 2022Recap on social media?

Requirements to be able to share Recap 2022 Instagram

Before that, users need to know in advance two conditions that must be met so that users can share a recap of their listening behavior on the YouTube Music app for the past year.

These requirements were conveyed directly to the official YouTube Twitter account with the handle @TeamYoutube in a tweet.

Firstusers must have a total duration of listening to music for at least 10 hours on YouTube Music.

Condition secondusers must use the latest version of the YouTube Music app.

How to Make a 2022 Instagram Recap

Well, for those of you who want to make a recap on Instagram, you can follow the guide below. It’s a little difficult, but you can try it first.

  1. First, prepare 35 photos that you want to upload into the recap
  2. Download the song to use in the video recap
  3. Open the video editing app on your phone
  4. Create a new project, then upload 35 photos to be included in the recap
  5. Set the duration of the photo to suit the song or music
  6. Add the downloaded music, then adjust the rhythm to match the photo
  7. When finished editing the video, then export the video.

How to Make My Recap 2022 With Templates

As it turns out, you can also create 2022 recaps more easily using templates. Here is a guide or how to make your recap using a template.

  1. Download the Capcut app on your phone
  2. Open the Capcut application then go to the Templates menu
  3. Type “my recap 2022” in the search
  4. Choose one of the templates you want to use
  5. Then enter a photo or video in the template and set its placement
  6. After finishing editing, you can directly export the video.

At the top of the 2022 Recap page, the user is presented with a playlist (playlists) special entitled “2022 Recap”.

Playlists it contains the 100 song titles that according to YouTube Music data users have listened to the most in the past year. Playlists 2022This recap can be shared on other platforms.

Shifting slightly to the bottom, users will see “YouTube Music 2022 Recap”. Here, users see three main recap data regarding their music listening habits for 2022.

First, there is data about songs with duration stream the longest. Second, there are playlists with the longest streaming duration. Third, there is data about the title again that is most often played.

Users can download the three main recap data to be posted on other platforms, whether it’s on WhatsApp Status, Twitter, and others.

If you don’t want to bother, users can click the “share” icon to share 2022 Recap directly to other platforms, such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, TikTok, and others.

How easy is it to make a recap that is currently viral on Instagram? If it’s difficult, you can try using the Instagram 2022 Flashback feature to create a simpler version of the Instagram recap. I hope this helps

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