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Nonton Film Dear Nathan Thank You Salma – We can get entertainment from anywhere, what else in this world, where technology is very developed, getting entertainment can be very easy, one of which is watching movies or movies.

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Many say that by watching movies or movies we can release stress and can increase knowledge and also make us more fresh and happy after watching

What’s more, if the film or movie that we watch is one of our favorite films, which we have been waiting for when it airs or releases, As we are going to discuss, this is Dear Nathan Thank You Salma.

And in this article I will provide information about the film as well as Synopsis and Free Watch Links on several sites that you can access, so keep reading the article so you don’t miss the information.

Film Dear Nathan Thank You Salma

Is an Indonesian Teen Romance Drama Film Produced by Rapi Film and directed by Indra Gunawan, this film is an adaptation of a Wattpad novel with the same title as the film.

Link Watch Film Dear Nathan Thank You Salma Telegram
Link Watch Film Dear Nathan Thank You Salma Telegram

This novel was written by Or the work of Erisca Febriani, this novel is very popular and has even been read 28 million times on wattpad to date, this film is starring by young artists such as Amanda Rawles and Jefri Nicole

The novel Dear Nathan, there is no doubt about its popularity, Having the Teenage Genre makes this novel very loved by teenagers on the internet, even the novel is always ranked number one in the Youth Genre.

Thanks to the popularity of the novel and the enthusiasm of the lovers of this novel, the novel was finally made into a film and displayed on the big screen by Rapi Film.

Synopsis Dear Nathan Thank You Salma

This film is set in a high school that contains many teenage students who fall in love, Salma is a good female student who transfers from another high school in Jakarta. One day Salma is too late to attend the flag ceremony.

he meets a naughty student who is very fond of fighting and doing other naughty things, Nathan tries to save Salma from punishment because she is late for the flag ceremony

That’s where their love story began, Salma, who tried to choose to be friends, tried to avoid Nathan whose background was a bad boy, but various things caused them to meet each other over and over again.

Even though Salma kept avoiding him, Nathan even bravely continued to show his love for Salma, until finally Salma herself melted because she heard many stories about Nathan’s past and his love story.

Link Watch Dear Nathan Thank You Salma

How about Guys, does reading the synopsis of this film above make you want to watch the film? rather than getting curious and imagining the story, it’s better to just watch the film

and here I will give you some links to watch movies that are lifted from this very popular novel on wattppad that you can access easily and also work and are free for you below

Watch Movie Links:

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Dear Nathan Thank You Slma Telegram (Free) >>Click Here<<

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How to Watch Dear Nathan Thank You Salma on Telegram

  1. If you use a cellphone, make sure you have the Telegram application on your cellphone, you can download it on Google Play or the App Store
  2. Click the Watch Link on Telegram which is listed above
  3. Select View In Telegram
  4. You guys will be moved to the film provider’s channel on Telegram
  5. select Join
  6. Then search and select the movie you want to watch
  7. Click play
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Now with the link and how to watch that areatrik has provided above, you can enjoy watching this popular movie for free and without ads on Telegram. What are you waiting for, please watch the film.


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