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Ohmyv33nus – This article contains information on Ohmyv33nus Real Gender Read Biodata Gender, Religion, Age, IG Instagram Girlfriend Wise Blacklist Player. Do you know Johnmar Villaluna who is going viral in the esports world? This is the biodata profile of Ohmyv33nus Oh My Venus, the Philippines International Blacklist player, complete with real gender, female or male, gender then Instagram IG and religion and Wise’s girlfriend.

Indeed, stars who have gone global, aka go international, like Oh My Venus, are certainly in the spotlight. This includes Oh My Venus’s girlfriend’s real gender biodata info from Wise.

Moreover, Indonesian netizens are often easy to make a scene with unique and viral things, many are curious about what real gender Oh My Venus is.

The Blacklist International team player, who previously also joined Onic, became increasingly in the spotlight because he was thought to be gay.

Oh My Venus’s appearance has always been like a man’s and indeed many people think he is a male version of netizens.

So, knowing that Oh My Venus was dating Wise, of course, caused comments from Indonesian netizens.

For example, in one of the uploads on Instagram @ohmy.v33nus with Wise, there were Indonesian netizens who commented.

Please note that this pro player, Oh My Venus has the title Queen Support, because Oh My Venus is known to be an expert in playing support heroes such as Rafeala, Estes, Angela, and others.

Oh My Venus’s closeness with Wise is not only visible from the portrait uploaded on Instagram, but since the two of them are still joining the Onic team.

So, until here, can you guess what real gender Oh My Venus is?

Our search managed to get information from netizens that Oh My Venus is a girl or a girl. However, another netizen version says that Oh My Venus is a guy.

Jagat Mobile Legends is excited about the greatness of the Blacklist International player from the Philippines Oh My Venus. So, read the OhmyV33nus real gender info, complete biodata in terms of gender, male or female, then what religion, current age and relationship with Blaclist International teammates.

So that there will no longer be questions about Ohmyv33nus’s going viral on TikTok as well.

The point is Ohmyv33nus is a pro ML player which is pronounced Ohmyvenus.

Ohmyv33nus is currently showing his macro and micro mechanical skills at the MSC 2022 event.

Proven as role support Ohmyv33nus can bring his team to win in two Blacklist International matches easily.

They slaughtered BTR Kyy and his friends 2-0 without reply by Blacklist Internation Wise cs with the hero Aldous.

This made the heroes used by BTR Matt, Maxx, Dreams, and Renbo unable to move..

Not only that, the Cambodian team Impunity KH had to fall to their knees by Ohmyv33nus, Wise, Edward, and other Blacklist International players.

Now they have the right to advance to the Upperbracket MSC 2022 because they are at the top of the standings.

Who is Ohmyv33nus or Oh My Venus


Know More Oh My Venus Captain of the International Blacklist Team. The Mobile Legends scene is being stirred up by one Filipino player, OhMyV33nus.

The captain of the Blacklist International team has been widely discussed for various reasons, from his game, the META he made to his proximity to other players in Blacklist International.

For example, in the video uploaded on the RRQ Xinnn channel when reacting to the Execreation vs Blacklist International match which was uploaded on May 30, 2022.

Precisely at 0:45 minutes, RRQ Xinnn said that she just found out that Oh My Venus is a girl or a girl.

“I swear, I just found out that Oh My Venus is a girl, wow I’ve known for a long time that I play Mobile Legends guys, only now do I know guys, it turns out that Oh My Venus is a girl, guys, but it’s a girl or what, we don’t know guys. He’s dating Wise,” said RRQ Xinnn.

Then the next sentence RRQ Xinnn also revealed about the Oh My Venus relationship or his relationship with Wise.

“He’s dating Wise. No wonder he’s from Onic he’s always together, ask together. Turns out they’re dating, guys. Excellent! A very solid couple both. Just keep Oh My Venus’ hair long. Great for sure.” continued RRQ Xinnn.

Well, Oh My Venus’ relationship with Wise is no longer a secret, you can check it on Instagram @ohmy.v33nus.

The Most Dangerous Ohmyv33nus Player in the 2022 MPL Invitational

Ohmyv33nus is one of the most talked about player names. He has a unique playstyle — different from the usual Mid Laner. When other players use heroes who are in META, Ohmyven33nus actually sticks to his playing style, namely using heroes healer.

He also has chemistry unique to the Jungler, Wise — making it look so compact while rotating. It is undeniable that his presence makes the Blacklist International game so neat. This is what makes Blacklist International the best team in MPL PH.

For additional information, if Oh My Venus was nicknamed Queen Support, then Wise’s boyfriend has the nickname King and his position as a jungler collaborates with Oh My Venus.

Now it’s been answered about what real gender Oh My Venus is based on the information described above.

Then regarding the religious information of Oh My Venus, the correct source has not been found clearly.

Maybe this is also one of the things that makes his name more discussed. OhMyV33nus is reportedly close to Wise, the jungler of the Blacklist International team, as well as his former teammate at ONIC PH.

It can also be seen on his Instagram page @ohmy.v33nus which often posts related to its proximity. Their in-game chemistry proved to be very strong.

How old is Oh My Venus, which is 26 years old and Oh My Venus was born on July 20, 1994.

Profile & Biodata OhMyV33nus Real Gender

profile and biodata of OHMYV33NUS or read “Oh My Venus”, pro player Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) who became the captain of the Blacklist International team. He is one of the players who stole the attention of the MPL audience.

In the ongoing MPL Season 8 Philippines, Blacklist International is again one of the favorite teams to win. In the regular season round, the team led by OHMYV33NUS managed to become the leader of the standings.

This of course cannot be separated from the role of the captain of OHMYV33NUS who is considered one of the brightest players in the MPL scene. So, this time, let’s talk about the profile and biodata of Oh My Venus, the important figure behind the MLBB Blacklist International team!

Here’s a summary OhMyV33nus or Oh My Venus bio profile:

  • Name: Johnmar Villaluna
  • Nickname: OhMyV33nus
  • Birthdate: July 20, 1994
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Instagram: @ohmy.v33nus
  • Girlfriend: Wise
  • Instagram Wise: @daneriejamess
  • Youtube: OhMyV33NUS
  • Facebook: Ohhmyv33nus

Being an idol pro player in his country, it turns out that there are some quite unique facts about the captain of this International Blacklist team. Here are the unique facts!

OHMYV33NUS was previously the captain of the ONIC PH team, this team is also one of the teams that MPL PH is quite wary of. It is proven by the 2 MPL runner up titles they got in Season 4 and 5

  • Popularizing META 2 Support

If you followed MPL ID Season 7 before, surely you’ve seen several Indonesian teams using META 2 Support. Yep, this META was popularized by OHMYV33NUS and his team Blacklist International.

  • Nicknamed Queen Support or The Queen

Because his ability in the Support role is above average. The 27-year-old player is nicknamed Queen Support.

  • Have Great Chemistry with Wise

When asked what is the scariest thing about Blacklist International? The answer must be their midlane duo. How not, OHMYV33NUS and Wise who are Jungler Blacklists have extraordinary chemistry. The two have worked together since being on the ONIC PH team

This is the biodata profile of Ohmyv33nus, real Gender Oh My Venus, the Philippines International Blacklist player, complete with real gender, female or male, gender then Instagram IG and religion and Wise’s girlfriend

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