Paper Duck Tiktok, Easy Ways to Make It Here

Easy and Fast Way to Make Tiktok Paper Duck – Tiktok always presents new and exciting trends to watch and follow, not infrequently people also enliven by participating in making these trends

and upload it on Tiktok, that’s what makes tiktok one of the platforms that always gives birth to new trends, because there are many users who have high creativity.

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Tiktok is a social media application that allows users to create their own music videos and upload them on Tiktok and become viral,

As we will discuss this time, About the Paper Duck Trend on TikTok, if you want to know what a paper duck is and how to make it, you should continue to read this article.

What is Paper Duck?

New trends keep popping up, one of which is currently viral. Paper Duck is a trend about ducks made by a tikok or tiktokerz user named Daisy and made of paper.

Tutorial on Making a cool Tiktok Paper Duck Easy and fast Here
Tutorial on Making a cool Tiktok Paper Duck Easy and fast Here

This cute and adorable duck was uploaded by the user on the tiktok account, the account often shares videos of him playing with the paper duck

that’s what makes paper duck craft viral among tiktokrez and many are looking for how to make it.

Easy Ways to Make a Tiktok Paper Duck

Here I will provide easy steps that you can follow to make the Paper Duck:

  1. First prepare Paper, Colored Pencils or Markers, Scissors and masking tape or tape
  2. Next, make a picture of the Duck or duck that you want or you can also imitate the duck that is going viral
  3. Bold the outline and color in the picture or the inside of the Duck’s body according to the color you want, the most suitable in my opinion is a combination of Yellow with orange or Orange
  4. Cover all parts of the duck with masking tape until everything is covered
  5. Then Scissors follow each line that forms the duck
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Now you can make tiktok videos with this viral paper duck and follow the trend..


That’s all I can say about how to make Paper Duck easily and quickly, hopefully it can be useful, don’t forget, guys, to share this article as much as possible, Thank you for visiting and see you again in important and interesting articles from other Areatrik.

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