Play Minesweeper Here’s How to Play

play minesweeper – Hello friend infoin, meet again with the admin who this time will discuss about play minesweeper and how to play it.

Of course, those of you who like to play games are familiar with the name of this game. Minesweeper is a game that has been released for a long time and was on the rise in its mass.

You can find this game on Windows 8 and below on PCs and currently there are many versions of minesweeperr that you can get on Android or iOS. This game is quite interesting and fun to play to get rid of boredom or boredom at home.

If you ever try minesweeper game This must be very annoying, right? But on the other hand, playing this game is also fun and can make players addicted to playing.

You need a strategy and you can’t just choose in this minesweeper game. And here, Adora Games will give tips on how to play this game in order to win.

About Weeper Games

In this minesweeper game you will be faced with several small plots, where between the plots there is a bomb mine. Your task there is to open all the tiles provided and mark the mines between the tiles.

But if you choose the wrong plot and instead choose a bomb mine then you will be game over. Actually game minesweeper android version This is quite cool and can hone our guessing skills.

Here the admin will also provide an easy way to play the minesweeper game on Android. See how below.

Play Minesweeper Here’s How to Play

play minesweeper

Easy Way to Play Mines Weeper

The first is to be able to find out where the mines are, you have to choose a tile at random. Well, this is a random selection and there is no trick. So it can be said for the first time play minesweeper game you have to rely on your own hockey.

How to analyze for the second game you can see the following steps.

  • The number two in the yellow box indicates that below and in the lower right corner contain bomb mines. It can be seen from around the number 2 there is only a plot below it.
  • Then it is supported by the number 2 on the opposite side of the square which also indicates that there are 2 mines around it.
  • Then number 3 which means there are 3 mines around number 3 and you can see that the mines are in the ones marked from the previous number 2 and the rest are in the square above the letter b square.
  • Because around the plot there is a number 1 which indicates there is 1 mine around it.

The final word

Alright friends, those are tips on an easy way to play minesweeper. Hopefully useful for you and see you next time.

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