Popo Tiktok Viral Video Link, Funny Twitter TikTok Popo Profile Wearing Ripped Pants

Video Link Popo TikTok Twitter – Popo TikTok is viral until it’s trending on Twitter after his pants perforated during live and went viral. Who exactly is popo tiktok? Well, the domainjava.com admin will discuss the latest 2022 Popo Tiktok Viral Video Link and Funny Twitter TikTok Popo Profile Wearing Torn Pants

It turns out that Popo is not only viral on TikTok, but he is now also viral on Twitter to become a trending topic.

Popo Barbie’s viral video link ripped her pants FYP on TikTok, Netizens are traumatized after watching popo hole pants video

On Tuesday afternoon, March 1, 2022, Popo’s name topped the Twitter trending list.

The keyword Popo has been tweeted by more than 35 thousand Twitter users.

Popo Barbie or Popo, this unique TikTok celebrity constantly invites netizens’ attention.

Who is Popo Tiktok

Popo’s name on Tiktok is trending again after the uploaded video content is considered unique, annoying and eccentric.

Even now the Popo Tiktok keyword is on the Trending Topic list on Social Media. On Twitter itself, it’s trending with the Twitter Popo keyword.

Now for Tiktokers, the name Popo must be familiar. Because the content he often uploads often enters Discover and Fyp on Tiktok.

And from a tweet with the name Popo many Twitter users claim to have seen a video of Popo TikTok when his pants were torn.

Not even a few of the original videos of Popo TikTok that were busy being discussed were uploaded on Twitter.

One of the Twitter users who uploaded the Popo TikTok video is @ojebuaya.

It is known that Popo was doing a live on his TikTok in a squatting position.

However, without realizing it, Popo TikTok’s pants suddenly ripped.

And instantly Popo Barbie’s genitals were seen and recorded by video so that TikTok viewers could see it

Popo TikTok Viral Video Link Trending Barbie on Twitter

Download Videos Live Popo Barbie Viral on TikTok Hunted by Netizens, Turns out the Video Contents Like This

The video he uploaded has been quoted by more than 400 with more than 3 thousand likes.

Unlike on TikTok, the original Popo TikTok video is widely available take down by TikTok.

So many netizens ran to Twitter to find the original video that was deleted by TikTok.

Many Twitter users claimed to be sorry and shocked after seeing the contents of the viral Popo TikTok video.

Previously, Popo TikTok or Popo Barbie went viral because his pants were torn

Popo Barbie has become a hot topic of conversation until now because her TikTok account @popo_barbie already has more than 1 million followers and more than 55 million likes. Suddenly this made many netizens who wanted to know who Popo Barbie really was.

Click below to see the viral popo tiktok video with holes in your pants…

Watch popo tiktok videos: Here

It is also known that Popo Barbie is in an unhealthy body condition. This can be seen in his appearance which is increasingly disheveled and his hair also begins to fall out. Many netizens also gave comments in support of Popo.

Tiktok Popo Barbie Biography Profile

From several sources, it is not known with certainty Popo Barbie’s real name and further information such as home addresses, and others. However, here is information about Popo Barbie’s biodata that we can convey.

Name : Popo Barbie

Age: Around 22 years old

Male gender

Origin: Full River, Jambi

Instagram : @popo_barbie1


TikTok Account : @popo_barbie

Known Profession: TikTok Celeb

Why Popo Viral on Twitter and Tiktok

This time, Popo TikTok went viral, not because of the dance that had gone viral.

However, Popo TikTok went viral because a video of Popo’s pants was torn and his genitals were visible.

This video was viral on TikTok and often FYP or For Your Page

As is known, Popo Barbie is a male TikToker who used to often act like a woman in his video content.

Various unique and entertaining content on her TikTok account makes Popo Barbie have a lot of followers.

Popo TikTok has gone viral and has become trending on Twitter.

That’s because Popo’s video on TikTok looks like that.

Popo’s keyword is trending on Twitter and tiktok and is the target of people who are curious

This was after Popo TikTok was mentioned by netizens as sharing a video of Popo Barbie wearing holes in her pants, so that her genitals were visible.

That’s the reason the popo twitter tiktok has gone viral so many people are looking for the video link.

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