Prik TikTok Meaning, Prik Boy Slang Viral

The Meaning of Prik TikTok – Many have explained the meaning of the viral word prik in slang. however will provide the full meaning.

I’m even more curious about today’s tiktok language, like prik or priikk, which invites slang to find out what it means.

Before we discuss what the word Prik means, which is viral on tiktok, it would be nice to never say Prik to someone.

You can actually see the meaning of prik in the video of the boy who is said to be a prik boy.

So what does this viral tiktok word really mean, let’s see the explanation in the article about the title Meaning of TikTok Prik, Meaning of Viral Prik Boy Slang

Recognizing Prik

Tiktok viral words have actually appeared a long time ago, but now the trend is a prik word

Admin will explain about Prik Meaning on TikTok and what it really means.

always viral on countless social media including the word prik. Even children to adults still use a lot of prik in tiktok status, wa or others

As today’s popular entertainment, there are lots of weird, funny and interesting videos that can give rise to new trends.

The term Prik finally went viral because there were so many people who were looking to find out the real meaning and wanted to know the real meaning.

What does Prik mean on TikTok? We will discuss the answer in this article. so please take a good look

What does Tiktok Prik Mean

TikTok Prik Meaning

Weird languages ​​are currently trending on online social media like tiktok, and so are priks. these words are commonly referred to as ridicule or expressions of irritation at others.

The emergence of the word prik is based on a video on tiktok about a boy who is called a prik boy.

The essence of this tiktok Prik could be as strange words. because after being traced that this dprik comes from an English freak which means strange.

the word prik is another name for freak. Several sources mention the viral tiktok boy with the word prik.

You already know what the word ‘prik’ means on tiktok, so if you haven’t found the answer yet, what is the meaning and meaning of this viral prank, let’s try to use it in slang.

Meaning of Prik Boy in Slang

Sindriran to friends is usually done with words that are usually mentioned spontaneously.

Actually, the meaning of prik boy in slang is also the same as what we explained above.

What is Prik Boy? This is the meaning of the slang boy Prik who is going viral on social media from Tiktok to IG

Slang is often used by young people or netizens to express themselves. One of the slang or terms that have recently gone viral is prik boy.

Check out the explanation of the meaning of the prik boy, which is viral on TikTok social media and is used as slang, which will be discussed here.

So that you can find out the true meaning of the viral tiktok prik boy.

Based on’s search, prik is a play on the word freak in English.

Freak in English means strange. So prik which is a play on the word Freak has the meaning or intention of describing something strange.

So a prik boy can mean a strange boy or a strange person. Not only does it mean strange, but the prik boy also has another meaning.

Boy prik in slang is often used when talking about other people. if there is someone who says the satire and so on. Of course you can use the term prik,

Thus the post about the meaning of the viral TikTok Prik used as the slang.

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