Projector App for Laptop 2022

Projector App for Laptop

Projector App for Laptop – A laptop projector will always be needed, especially when you are going to do a presentation or similar activities that require a wide screen.

With these devices, the job is much easier to run, without explaining too much.

Because, the material to be conveyed can already be read directly by the audience, through the big screen that has been prepared, guys.

On the other hand, sometimes you also need dual displays or two screens for certain needs, thereby increasing productivity.

Therefore, we provide a few easy tips for connecting a laptop to a projector on Windows 10, 11 or below. To be more practical and efficient, you can take advantage of a special projector application for laptops.

Discussion of Projector Applications for Laptops

However, before using the projector application, make sure you know what ports the device supports.

Generally, projectors still use VGA ports and include ports that are quite mainstream.

However, the latest versions of laptops have started to leave the VGA port, so you need additional equipment called a VGA to HDMI converter.

If you already have the converter, you can directly connect the device without the need to use a projector application for laptops or Windows.

Projector App for Laptop

How to Connect Devices without Projector App to Laptop

Projector App for Laptop
How to Connect Devices without Projector App to Laptop

If your laptop has a VGA port, then just plug it in, without having to use the guys application.

Of course this is good news, because you don’t have to bother downloading and installing applications again.

Here’s how to connect a device without a projector app for a laptop, which works:

1. Connecting the Device with the Projector

  • Please plug the VGA to HDMI converter into the laptop. If the laptop has a VGA plug or port, just plug it in.
  • Then plug the projector’s VGA cable into the converter or directly into the laptop if it supports it.
  • Then press the Windows key (keyboard with the windows logo) + P, if it is connected and select the output you want.
  • Done and you can now display what’s on the laptop to the projector.

2. Option to Show What’s on Laptop to Projector

  • PC Screen Only. You can choose this option, if you are not ready to display anything on the projector. So, the display only appears on your laptop.
  • Duplicate. This option can be selected if you want to display to the projector exactly the same as the one on the laptop. As the name implies duplicate alias duplication, then this option can be selected to expand your screen. So, with a much wider screen display, you can display presentations on the projector to the fullest, while the laptop screen is for browsing and others.
  • Second Screen Only. This option will usually show the projector screen as the main screen, while the actual laptop screen will turn off.

The final word

This is a review on how to connect Windows devices on a laptop or PC, without the need to use a special projector application for laptops.

That way, you don’t need to install any more applications, just take advantage of existing converters and other tools.

However, this method is quite cumbersome, because you have to prepare more equipment, when compared to using an application.

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