RA WhatsApp Android 2022

RA WhatsApp Android

RA WhatsApp Android – Because the development of WhatsApp from year to year always gives pretty good feedback, so don’t be surprised if this popular chat application.

Then the modified version appeared. Moreover, developers all over the world are competing to provide the best for users and the target market of RA WhatsApp.

What’s more, RA WhatsApp is one of the WhatsApp Mods whose developers themselves are native to Indonesia, that’s why Indonesian programmers cannot be underestimated.

The reason is that it is clear that the nation’s children are very capable in presenting the mod version of WA, moreover RA WhatsApp is now here by offering an iOS-style interface.

However, it is designed for Android users who want to feel the sensation of using WhatsApp on their iPhone phones.

If you want to use it on an Android cellphone, in this article we will share the download link for RA WhatsApp Android, of course, you see the following reviews.

RA WhatsApp Android

1. RA WhatsApp Android Features

RA WhatsApp Android
Features of RA WhatsApp Android

Here are the features of RA WhatsApp Android:

  • Custom Appearance: Even though it offers a UI similar to iOS, the developers don’t want to limit user creativity. So that users can still customize the WA display, it becomes cooler according to the display settings features that have been offered. Because this freedom is an important point, because it is something that users have been waiting for.
  • Additional iOS Emoji: Because the emoji on iOS have slightly different characters from the emoji on Android, but the developer then added a special emoji tab that came from iOS. So that the offer, of course, is not wasted by users who want to feel the sensation of using emoji from iOS or for those who are just curious.
  • Changing Display Effects: What’s more, transition or animation effects when doing, just click on certain menus are usually made simple. Now users can change effects, only by taking advantage of the display effects feature that has been provided by the developer for free.
  • Conversation Style Settings: Maybe you feel bored with the same conversational style, but in this latest version of RA WA, at least 3 lines of conversational styles have been added that can be used.
  • Lock Screen Design Settings: In addition, this application also adds a locking feature that can be adjusted according to his wishes, so users can make special designs. Only for the lock screen to be applied more interestingly, this is what makes it different from the others.

2. Advantages of RA WhatsApp Android Compared to the Original Version

RA WhatsApp Android
Advantages of RA WhatsApp Android Compared to the Original Version

Here are the advantages of RA WhatsApp Android compared to the original version:

  • Update Character Status: Making statuses such as characters has now been updated, of course it will be longer, namely 250 characters, even very suitable for those of you who want to convey something through long words.
  • Updated File Delivery: What’s more, the current file transfer can reach 30MB in one file transfer, and even then it has been improved to support all file types.
  • Attractive UI Appearance: Although the UI design resembles the appearance on iOS, it is still optimized and updated to be more responsive, so users can also customize the appearance according to their respective wishes.
  • Anti Banned: Currently RA WhatsApp already supports anti banned, that’s why it is very safe to use even for the long term.
  • Security & Privacy Update: Even user security has now been added and allows you to lock WA using a pattern, PIN or fingerprint. Because privacy is related to online status hiding settings, blue ticks and so on.

3. RA WhatsApp Android Specifications

RA WhatsApp Android
RA WhatsApp Android Specifications

Here are the specifications for RA WhatsApp Android:

  • Name : RA WhatsApp
  • Size : 51MB
  • Latest Version : V8.28
  • Support : Android 5.0+
  • Number of Downloads : 30,000,000+
  • Developer : Ridwan Arifin

Please visit via the following link RA WhatsApp Android Version Aplikasi.

The final word

Thus the explanation that we have conveyed to you, with this information you will know more about the RA WhatsApp application that can be used on Android.

Moreover, the various features that you can get in the RA WhatsApp application, even then you don’t get it in the original version, you know.

Therefore, don’t miss this information and don’t forget to share the link to this article with your friends if you want to get more information.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about RA WhatsApp Android. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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