Recap 2022 Instagram Music app? How to make an IG recap video

What is Recap 2022 Instagram App – how to Make Recap 2022 on Instagram? – It feels so fast that the year 2022 has passed and now the new year 2022 will be entering. Many people welcome this new year with joy. One way to welcome the new year is to upload posts on social media accounts. The post is in the form of a 2022 recap video which is widely uploaded on Instagram via the recap application

Instagram Music has officially released its annual flashback feature. Named ‘Year in Music: 2022Recap’, this feature can already be tested by users in the country.

Year in Music: 2022 Recap itself is actually very similar to Spotify Wrapped. It contains data on user’s music listening behavior for the past year.

Users can see the total duration of listening to music, what playlist genres are listened to the most, and what artists and song titles are played most often.

Lately, lots of people have uploaded recap videos on their personal Instagram accounts via reels, instastory and IG TV. Lots of people are curious, how to make a 2022 recap on their Instagram, especially for those who have never uploaded reels or videos at all. And now is the perfect time to upload the first reels and videos on Instagram to celebrate the new year 2022. Curious how to make it? Let’s see until the end, okay?

Recap 2022 Aplikasi

The number of uploads of these recaps on Instagram and Tiktok might make you curious about how to make them. Given the two applications do not provide the features.

Well, to make it, you can make it using a number of applications that Sabilia said earlier such as Alight Motion, VN, Capcut, or Kinemaster Pro.

However, for those of you who want to make it instantly and easily, Sabilia recommends that you use the Capcut application. In this app, you can find viral recap templates.

That way, you don’t have to bother editing it manually and it takes quite a long time.

What is My Recap 2022 on Instagram?

Recap 2022 is a post uploaded by social media users to welcome the new year that will soon arrive. These videos are usually uploaded through Instagram social media accounts using the reels and instastory features. The post is in the form of a video that comes from a collection of photos and videos taken in 2022 and combined into one with the duration of each photo that quickly adjusts to the music that accompanies it so that the video looks cool and slick if posted on personal social media accounts. .

How to make a 2022 recap on Instagram is not difficult, because at first glance it is similar to Instagram’s 2022 playback feature. However, the 2022 recap post on Instagram which is currently hype must be made using a video editing application that you can freely download via the Play Store or App Store because this video cannot be made with the features on Instagram.

To make this video, you can use existing video editing applications such as VN, Kinemaster, CapCut, YouCut and other applications. For those of you who don’t have the application, you can download it first on the Play Store or App Store. The following is a guide or how to use the Capcut 2022 recap application.

Guide to Making Recap 2022 on Instagram

How to Make a 2021 Recap on Instagram

How to make Recap 2022 on Instagram can’t be done instantly, you have to make a little effort to make it. However, when you see the results of the video, you will feel very satisfied and happy with the results of your efforts. For those of you who want to follow this Instagram trend, you can follow the following guidelines. There are 2 ways you can make this Recap 2022 video, one of which is by editing it manually, besides that you can use the template feature provided by the CapCut application.

Steps to Make My Recap 2022 Instagram Manually

There are several steps you must take to make a 2022 recap video on Instagram, see how to make a 2022 recap on Instagram below.

  1. Download the YouCut or VN app on the Play Store. For those of you Appstore users, you can also download the application here.
  2. Prepare photos and videos that will be used. The number of photos is adjusted according to the duration and beat of the song. In the YouCut application you can prepare 1 video and 65 photos. Of course, the photo is a photo taken in 2022.
  3. Download the music you will use in the 2022 recap video
  4. Open the video editing application on your phone.
  5. Choose a new project, enter 1 video and photo that you used in the 2022 video recap.
  6. Set the video duration to 6 seconds and each photo 0.2 seconds
  7. Input the music that you downloaded earlier.
  8. In the first video, give the text “My Recap 2022” set the font shape and text size as you wish.
  9. Import your 2022 recap video.
  10. Finally, upload the 2022 recap video to your personal Instagram account.

How to Create My Recap 2022 on Instagram Using a Template

As previously mentioned, apart from manually as above, you can also easily create a 2022 recap video using the templates in the CapCut application. Here’s How to Make a 2022 Recap on Instagram using the CapCut template

  1. Download the CapCut application on your Smartphone.
  2. Open the application that you downloaded and select a template.
  3. To find the template, you can use the search feature, type “my recap 2022” in the search field
  4. Select the template you want to use
  5. Then enter the photo or video you want
  6. Arrange it according to your wish.
  7. When you’re done editing, you can export the video.
  8. Upload your video using reels or instastory on your personal Instagram account

Well, that was How to Make My Recap Instagram 2022 in the Ig application. It’s quite easy isn’t it, you can enliven social media in order to welcome the new year 2022. In addition to making video recaps for 2022, you can also be creative in making videos according to your wishes through the editing application described above.

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