Reels Visual Replies: How to Reply to Instagram Comments with Reels

How to Reply to Instagram Comments with Reels

Here’s a guide on how to reply to Instagram comments with Reels using the feature Reels Visual Replies. Instagram is ending 2022 by adding a new feature inspired by TikTok.

The new feature I mean is Reels Visual Replies which allows users to reply to comments with reels. Instagram adds original comments as stickers to your reply reels.

Instagram calls this feature Reels Visual Replies. It further integrates the Reels functionality into the core Instagram experience. It basically allows users to reply to comments on Reels with different Reels.

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The created reel will appear as a sticker in the comments. Immediately, here’s how to reply to Instagram comments with Reels.

How to Reply to Instagram Comments with Reels

Here are the steps on how to use the feature Reels Visual Replies to reply to Instagram comments with Reels:

1. Make sure your Instagram application is updated. Now, go to Instagram and create Reels as usual. You can read my special post to learn how to make Reels on Instagram here.

2. Post on your account and wait for a response from your followers.

3. Once you start getting comments on your reel, select the relevant comment and tap on the button Reply(reply) in the below section.

How to Reply to Instagram Comments with Reels-1

4. Tap blue camera icon next to a text message and it will open the Reels interface for creating reply reels.

5. Instagram will add your followers comments as stickers to the reels interface and you have the option of editing the reels to create replies.

Add the necessary effects, stickers, music and make cool reels in return.

When you do that, you can tap on the sticker comments and change the gradient effect. You can also reposition comments anywhere on the reels. Remember, there is no way to remove sticker comments from reels.

6. Tap Next (next) and you have share option for Reel. You can share it to feed, Facebook, Tag People, Add Location and more.

7. Select share (share) at the bottom and Instagram will add a comment reply with the reels you just created.

How to Reply to Instagram Comments with Reels-2

It will show a preview of the reels and anyone from your followers can see your reply.

Instagram will also add a replying reel in the profile menu. If you plan to reply to most of the comments with reels, be prepared to have a packed Reels menu under your profile.

Reels Visual Replies FAQs

Can I Add Reel in Reply to Normal Instagram Posts?

As of now, its functionality is limited to comments made on your reels only. When you hit the reply button for a regular Instagram post, you won’t see the option to reply to comments with reels.

Can Other Users See Replied Reel?

All of your followers who are eligible to view and access your reels can view your reply reels in the comments section.

Can I Remove Comment Stickers When Creating a Reel as a Reply?

No, there is no way to remove comment stickers when editing reels. However, you can change the comment position and modify the comment style with different gradient effects.

Can Others Reply to Comments with reels?

Only those who posted original reels can reply to their comments with new reels. Others can add text-only comments.

Can I Add Old Reel in Reply to Comments?

Users cannot add old reels from their profile. Those must be new reels made from scratch. That way, Instagram automatically adds comment stickers to increase engagement.

I don’t see the option to reply as reels in the comments, what should I do?

Make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram on Android or iPhone. This feature is gradually rolling out globally. It may take a while before it arrives in our territory.

The ability to add reels in reply to the comments section of the reels will provide more engagement to the TikTok Instagram clone. We hope that Instagram unlocks the same functionality for regular posts in future updates.

That’s how to reply to Instagram comments with Reels. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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