Schedule of My Nerd Girl Episodes 4-8 Watch on Telegram, IndoXXI, or LK21

Schedule of My Nerd Girl Episodes 4-8 – Articles about Links to Watch My Nerd Girl Episodes 1-8 Free and Legal on Telegram Hunted by Warganet are viral and trending on google and even on social media such as tiktok, twitter and instagram. My Nerd Girl Full Movie Showtimes Episodes 1 to 8 Complete with List of Cast and Watch Links – Want to watch My Nerd Girl full episode via Vidio, Telegram, IndoXXI, or LK21? Let’s read this information to find out the streaming link for the film.

Free time is perfect for relaxing watching TV, playing games or watching your favorite movies and TV shows using streaming applications.

Yes, with online streaming applications, you can watch your favorite premium movies or drama series on your smartphone to accompany your free time.

However, to watch premium movies or drama series, you must first subscribe to a streaming application. Although some shows may be watched for free.

One of the films that are currently hits is My Nerd Girl. This local series by Aidah Harisa stars Naura Ayu, Danendra, Devano, and Ashira Zamita.

My Nerd Girl Full Episode Schedule 4 to 8

The following is the show schedule for the My Nerd Girl series full episodes 1 to 8, complete with a cast list and a link to watch.

Serie My Nerd Girl is one of Indonesia’s newest web series which airs on Vidio starting February 26, 2022 yesterday, which today has entered its fourth episode.

Please note, the My Nerd Girl series consists of eight episodes that air on the Video application every Saturday.

The My Nerd Girl series show schedule:

  • March 5, 2022: Episode 4
  • March 12, 2022: Episode 5
  • March 19, 2022: Episode 6
  • March 26, 2022: Episode 7
  • April 2, 2022: Episode 8

My Nerd Girl series is a story adapted from a Wattpad story that has been read by more than tens of millions of readers. The story is the work of Aidah Harisa with the same title.

My Nerd Girl Movie Cast List

In addition to starring a pair of lovers in the real world, Naura Ayu and Devano Danendra, the My Nerd Girl web series also stars several other young artists.

The following is a list of the cast in the series:

  • Naura Ayu as Rea and Fara
  • Devano Danendra as Reyhan
  • Ashira Zamita as Suki
  • Anya Taroreh as Neza
  • Dinda Mahira as Amel
  • Keisha Levronka as diamond
  • Zanny Zhang as Rianti

Synopsis My Nerd Girl

My Nerd Girl series is drama adapted from Wattpad. The show tells the story of the eccentric twin sister Fara and her sister Rea.

One day, Fara died by suicide, it made her sister Rea want to explore the mystery of her sister’s death. Rea disguises herself as someone who is geeky and is able to outwit Fara’s friends.

However, Rhea’s investigation did not go well. Rea seems to have a complicated relationship with Reyhan, who turns out to be secretly dating his sister.

Reyhan is a student and very popular in his school. He is often liked by students. However, for some reason, he falls in love with Farah who is known as a geek.

As the relationship grows closer, Rayhan becomes suspicious of Farah. Not only Reyhan, but Fara’s friends became suspicious because she suddenly became smart after a few weeks of absence.

As time goes by, Rea is also surprised to find out that Suki actually hates her sister. In addition, her mother’s attitude is even more complicated because it changes.

So you’re curious how the story continues? The following is a link to watch My Nerd Girl full full episode, namely episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, to 8 on Vidio or Telegram.

The drama series My Nerd Girl has been airing since February 26, 2022. You can watch the viral and highly anticipated film series entitled My Nerd Girl on Vidio.

For those of you who want to watch the video, you can go directly to the link here. Of course, to watch the drama, you must subscribe first.

You can choose from a variety of package options and make purchases according to your needs and financial situation. But maybe many people are reluctant to subscribe to the video.

Well, for those of you who don’t want to subscribe to but still want to watch the series. Here is the link to watch the full episode of My Nerd Girl on Telegram.

The series, which was directed by Kuntz Agus, has entered episode 4 on Saturday, March 5, 2022. Here is the link to watch the My Nerd Girl Full series episodes 1 to 8:


My Nerd Girl story link

link to watch series My Nerd Girl Episode 1

link to watch series My Nerd Girl Episode 2

link to watch series My Nerd Girl Episode 3

Easy Ways to Watch My Nerd Girl Sub Indo Full Episode Telegram

How to watch the My Nerd Girl series Full Indo Sub Episode on Telegram, with the following steps:

  1. Open the Telegram app.
  2. Login using your telegram account or mobile number.
  3. Tap the search button in Telegram.
  4. Type the title of the movie you want to watch.
  5. Then join one of the channel groups with the same title as the series you want.
  6. Finally, watch the film or drama series on Telegram for free.
  7. Finished.

In addition, you can also watch My Nerd Girl full episode on IndoXXI, LK21 or other sites that provide services for watching the film.

My Nerd Girl Movie Cast List Conclusion (Schedule, Synopsis & Watch Here)

My Nerd Girl Streaming Link Episodes 4, 5, 6 Completely Showing Where? Read more info here. So don’t miss the news.

That’s a glimpse of the My Nerd Girl Movie Player List (Schedule and Synopsis & Link to Watch the Latest ‘My Nerd Girl’ Episode 4 Full on Vidio Here) which is viral on Tiktok and various other social media. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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