Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint 2022

As a Termux user, you should definitely try this Script, because Dark FB is a Termux Script specifically for Facebook workshops.

There are several menus in Dark Facebook which of course you should also know such as hacking FB accounts, Dumping FB account information (id, email, cellphone number, etc.), Yahoo cloning.

Besides that, there are also Bits (Auto reach, comment, and post). Very complete isn’t it?

After knowing some of these menus, here we will immediately explain complete information from the Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script. Listen to the end!

Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint

1. Get to know the Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script

Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint
Get to know the Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script

Dark FB Script is a script that contains a complete Facebook Tool written in Python, but many know this script as a Termux FB Hack Script.

There are two versions of this Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script, namely V1.7 and V1.9.

The difference between these two versions lies in the login method, V1.9 login uses the FB token, while V1.7 does not.

This Dark FB script has a Login page so you have to fill it in in order to use the menu in it, here are the details.

The reason is, Dark FB also requires access to Facebook Login with the aim that each menu can run properly.

But apparently this is at risk of making your facebook account temporarily locked.

Some termux users have moved from v1.7 to v1.9. because v1.7 often results in checkpoints on Facebook accounts.

2. How to Install Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script on Termux

Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint
How to Install Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script on Termux

Now you can open the Termux application and write all the commands that we share below.

pkg install git python2
pip2 install mechanism requests

To install darkfb v1.7, please enter the following command:

git clone

Use the following command to install darkfbv.19:

git clone

After successfully installing the darkfb script, there will be a folder called darkfb / darkfbv1.9, to make sure, type ls (lowercase than LS).

Now, after knowing the Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script on Termux, now see the following review to find out how to use it.

3. How to Run the Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script

Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint
How to Run Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script

Next you have to open the folder from the installation of the Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script, then Execute using Python2 to the main script file.

  • To open the folder, use the command cd + folder name.

Example: cd darkfb

  • The main files of each version are (v1.7) and dark.pyc (v1.9).
  • So the command to run it uses python2 / python2 dark.pyc.
  • Before the script runs, the login page will appear first, please fill in the login details that have been given, and the script will automatically run.
  • After that, the initial appearance of the Dark FB Script of each version will appear.
  • Next you have to login to your FB account by entering your Username/Email/ID and Password or Login with a special token code V1.9.
  • If successful, a menu from DarkFB will appear, then select the menu by pressing the number according to the menu list and enter the data requested by the script.

4. Menu Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint

Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint
Menu Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint

Please note that the menu lists for each version are different, but they function the same, here are the menus and functions of the Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script:

a. Account Information

You can use the account information menu to find out your FB account data, and the information is your FB account name, date of birth, email address and phone number.

Besides being able to find out information from a FB account, this menu will also display information from a FB group.

To access it, you only need to enter the Username or ID of an account or Facebook Group.

b. Hack Facebook Account

This is a menu to hack a facebook account, you can use it to find accounts that are vulnerable to being hacked.

This FB account hack menu uses the Bruteforce technique, so if there is a matching password between the account and the Wordlist, the hack can be successful.

There are many options and ways to hack in the menu, such as mass, target, and also Custom.

Therefore, to be able to access it you only need to select the appropriate menu and enter the required data.

c. Facebook bots

You can select the bot menu if you want to perform automated Facebook activities, such as creating automatic posts, leaving comments on each of your friends’ posts and giving reactions.

d. Other Menu

Another menu that you may find in this Dark FB Anti Checkpoint Script is an additional menu from the Darkfb update.

In this menu there is another menu that you can choose from, but for now there are only 2, namely the picrure guard facebook profile and yahoo cloning.

Profile picture guard is a menu to activate the photo shield on the FB account, so that profile photos are protected by not being able to be downloaded.

While Yahoo Cloning includes a menu to find Yahoo Email that is Vuln or inactive, so you can use that email to hack the associated FB account.

The final word

Well, now that you don’t know how to Script Dark FB, you can use this trick wisely.

The main thing about the trick we share is login to your facebook account, so if you are already connected to your FB account, it’s easy to run the menu.

If a problem occurs during the hacking process, it’s possible that you skipped a step or entered the code incorrectly, so please check the command carefully.

That’s all our discussion in this article about Script Dark FB Anti Checkpoint. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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