See Shopee 2022 Flashback, Here’s How

How to View Shopee 2022 Flashback – This is the easiest way to see Shopee 2022 Flashback on the Shopee App and Web..

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Shopee has become a popular application in Indonesia or even in Southeast Asia as a place to shop online, the many types of goods available and at varying prices make Shopee widely known in Southeast Asia.

the bonuses and discounts offered are also not less, features such as free shipping, flash sales and shopping vouchers that are given are also very large and almost every month given to shopee users

well this time we will discuss about Shopee Flashback and how to see it so follow this article..

About Shopee Flashback

Previously we discussed how to flashback Instagram and spotify, this time it’s the turn of the biggest online shopping application in Indonesia, Shopee,

How to View Shopee 2021 Flashback - This is the Easiest Way to View Shopee 2021 Flashback on the Shopee App and Web..
See Shopee Flashback, Here’s How

yes, almost the same as instagram and spotify shopee also provides a feature where you can see the history or history that you have done in 2022, the difference is that here you will see the history of your shopping at shopee

which is packaged as a whole or only as a note or total expenditure in 2022 as an evaluation of your expenses or can also be shared to social media such as twitter, Facebook (Meta) or Instagram.

How to View Shopee Flashbacks

For a very easy way, you can follow the steps that I have prepared below for you:

  1. Go to the site with a browser or open the shopee application on your android
  2. login with the Shopee account you want to see the Flashback
  3. click or select the Shopee flashback menu on the main page
  4. if you don’t find it, you can write “Flashback” in the search field
  5. and all transactions that you have done on shopee will appear
  6. now you can cross check or you can also share it on your social media to show it off to your friends or followers on social media.
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Well, it’s quite easy, how to see Shopee flashbacks, you can follow the easy way above so you don’t get confused about finding this Shopee flashback feature.


That’s what I can say in this article, hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to share this article as much as possible, if there are errors in writing or etiquette in language, I’ll say sorry, and that’s all from me. Thank you.

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