Selling Billions of Rupiah NFT Photos, Here’s How

Selling PhotoO NFT Billions of Rupiah – The action taken by a young man named Ghozali attracted the attention of netizens until it went viral, because he earned up to billions of rupiah by selling photos on NFT

making NFT a new trend to get rupiah coffers lately, Ghozali’s viral make the metaverse world popular among netizens, because you can sell your digital works

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Indeed, currently looking for or earning money through the internet is one of its own trends for those who know how, there are lots of sources of income that we can do on the internet.

For example, NFT, now this time I will explain how to earn money by selling photos in the NFT application, so keep reading guys,

What is NFT Photo Selling?

Maybe not many of you know, let alone ordinary people who have never known Crypto or digital currency, Basically NFT is a place to show or as proof of ownership of digital goods or assets that can be purchased with Crypto currency.

Selling NFT Works at Opensea, Billions of Rupiah Here's How
Selling NFT Works at Opensea, Billions of Rupiah Here’s How

NFT or the abbreviation of Non Fungible Token It is easier to understand that NFT is Similar to Copyright or Copyright or proof of asset ownership

With NFT we can sell digital artwork such as gif, JPG, PNG, MP4 and others, and this NFT can be accessed by various groups, not only certain circles, so you can also buy and sell works on NFT

you can sell videos, motion pictures, animations and even your own selfies on NFT you can buy them too.

How to Sell NFT Works on Opensea

Here’s how to sell NFT photos that you can follow:

  1. First you open the following site
  2. Previously you had to have a Wallet application that could accommodate ETH like Metamask
  3. then select your Wallet to save the NFT sale proceeds
  4. Enter the NFT work that you are going to sell
  5. Fill in your NFT details such as name, supply, description and other info
  6. Turn Etherium Into Polygon on Blockchain section
  7. then Select Create or create
  8. Set the price of your work by selecting sell to sell it
  9. Select Complete Listing
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That’s what I can share in this article about Selling NFT Photos, hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to share this article as much as possible, Thank you for visiting and see you again in other interesting articles on Areatrik.

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