Shopee Checkout Failed, No Payment Method Available

Shopee Checkout Failed – If you see a notification “sorry there is no payment method available for Checkout Shopee” here the Trick Area has prepared an explanation.

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An application is a tool or tool that exists on android or smart gadgets that everyone has, a useful application to help users access features in mobile phones.

Applications are usually used to help work or activities carried out by smart gadgets as giving orders or the system itself to do something.

There are many types and uses of applications such as social media applications, messaging, and what we are discussing is an online buying and selling application, namely Shopee.

About Shopee Online Store

The online shop is indeed familiar to those of you who like to shop, especially for those of you who don’t like to leave the house to shop or because of some circumstances you can’t go shopping.

so you choose to shop at online stores like Shopee with easy access and also the many variations of goods sold there making Shopee one of the most popular online stores in Indonesia.

Shopee Checkout Failed, Here's the Full Explanation I know "sorry there is no payment method available shopee for checkout" here the Trick Area has prepared the explanation.
Shopee Checkout Failed, Here’s the Full Explanation

not only that the prices and bonuses offered are also very diverse, even every day there is a flash sale of goods at very low prices,

but sometimes there are also problems such as failed Checkout which makes you restless and annoyed, below is an explanation of this problem and how to solve it.

Why Shopee Failed Checkout Or No Payment Method Available?

Various problems arise when we are busy shopping and are about to make a payment or checkout, here are the reasons why Shopee failed Checkout there is no payment method available:

  • Your Shopee Pay balance or other payment method runs out
  • the items you bought have been sold out or run out before you check out
  • your internet has problems while determining the payment method
  • your shopee application is too outdated or not updated
  • there is an error in the Shopee payment method section
  • Shopee server down or interruption
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How to Solve No Payment Method Available

Well, the Trick Area has summarized several ways to solve it below for you:

  1. Check Balance in Ewallet or the payment method you use to pay
  2. See if the item you want to buy is still available
  3. Check your internet connection, try to change to data if using wifi
  4. Update your Shopee Application on Google Play or you can >>Click Here<< For Update
  5. Try closing and clearing the app cache on your smartphone
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the Shopee app
  7. Restart your smartphone
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If the method above doesn’t help, the biggest possibility is that there is an error in the payment system on Shopee, and the best way is to report it to Shopee and wait for the problem to be fixed.


That’s all I can say in this article about the Shopee Failed Checkout problem, Hopefully it’s useful, and don’t forget to share this article as much as possible, that’s all from me Thank you..

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