Sicepat Apk, Download & How to Register SiCepat Food Driver

Sicepat Apk – The SiCepat application may already be familiar to you. This freight forwarding company lives up to its name, because they can deliver packages very quickly. So, here’s how to register for a SiFast Food Driver

For those who don’t know, SiCepat is an expedition company with a main focus on shipping services for all regions in Indonesia. As the name implies, SiCepat offers fast service, even packages can arrive within 1 day.

If you’re currently unemployed, there’s nothing wrong with signing up for a SiCepat courier. Because, apart from easy requirements, SiCepat courier salaries are also quite large. There is even a bonus if you reach the delivery target.

Recently, news emerged that SiCepat has expanded its services in terms of online food delivery. Check out the explanation below for more complete information regarding SiCepat Food.

SiCepat Food Driver at a Glance

Food delivery services have become a business that has recently become a public concern. This is inseparable from the success of GoFood and GrabFood, which until now still dominate the best and most widely used fast food delivery service in Indonesia.

The ordering and payment system is made so easy to provide an opportunity for users to get an exciting experience when ordering food online. As we know, when placing an order, we only need to order & wait and the order comes in between by the applicator driver.

SiCepat Food is a collaboration system between SiCepat and DigiResto. DigiResto is a digital catering application that allows you to order food and drinks online.

Through DigiResto, you cannot directly make purchases like other online food ordering applications. You have to make a pre-order, for example, order lunch for delivery at night.

SiCepat itself has bought a 51% stake in DigiResto, thus triggering the emergence of SiCepat Food. You can use the SiCepat Food service to buy food at DigiResto.

Just like other online ordering application models, SiCepat Food couriers will deliver food to DigiResto customers.

How to Register as a SiCepat Food Driver

If you are interested in trying to register as a SiCepat Food driver, then you should know how to register.

Unfortunately, until now SiCepat has not announced the requirements and how to register as a SiCepat Food driver.

The SiCepat Food system has already begun to be actively used, but for the time being the SiCepat courier will also double as a SiCepat Food Driver.

You can try to register to become a regular parcel courier first before the requirements and registration of the SiCepat Food Driver is opened.

SiCpat Food Driver Registration Terms

As previously mentioned, SiCepat has not yet opened a SiCepat Food Driver vacancy. It is recommended that you register as a SiCepat package courier first.

Maybe the requirements to register as a SiCepat Food driver are the same as being a courier. The following are the requirements to register as a SiCepat courier:

SiFast Courier Work System

After knowing the salary of the SiCepat courier, you also have to understand the system and job description. Because, a courier has a very big responsibility for consumer goods and the good name of the company.

The following is a breakdown of the daily duties of SiCepat couriers:

  1. Come to the office according to the shift that has been determined
  2. Take the form of the package that must be delivered complete with the location and recipient
  3. Arrange packages to vehicles in order, usually from closest to furthest
  4. If it is complete, package delivery can be done
  5. Finally, report to the administration division that all packages have been sent

Considering that SiCepat cooperates with several e-commerce companies, it is likely that the number of packages sent is more than other courier services. For that, prepare your energy and mentality so you don’t get tired easily, OK!

There is nothing different from the registration requirements for the SiCepat courier from JNE, TKI, Post Offices, or other delivery services. What is clear, you must have a smartphone and your own vehicle.

For more details, see the terms and how to register for SiCepat couriers below:

  1. Male, max 35 years old
  2. High school education/equivalent
  3. Have a private vehicle in good condition
  4. Have an ID card and SIM C
  5. Make a letter and include application documents
  6. Healthy body condition and no history of disease
  7. Understanding the way around the placement

Now, if you feel that the salary, work system, and registration requirements are as you wish, the next step is just to look for SiCepat courier vacancies. Usually, branches in big cities such as Bandung, Tangerang, and Depok often open vacancies.

You can submit your application to become a SiCepat courier at the nearest SiCepat branches at your home. You will get a call if SiCepat really needs an additional courier.

Keep in mind that once you become a courier, you will be a regular package delivery person, but if there is an order for SiCepat Food, you may be asked to deliver the food order.

SiCepat Package Courier Salary

Of course, you have to know how much the SiCepat package courier salary is before you register there. In general, SiCepat courier salaries are calculated based on the UMR applicable in their respective placement areas.

If calculated from the average salary, couriers will get a salary of between 2.2 to 2.5 million rupiah per month. This salary is only the basic salary, not including bonuses, allowances and other incentives.

SiFast Courier Work System

The last thing you need to know about SiCepat courier is the job description of the job and its system. After officially becoming a courier, you will come to the office according to the specified shift.

Take the form of the package that must be delivered, complete with the package and the location of the recipient. Arrange the vehicle packages by location and then deliver the packages to the recipient’s house. Finally, do a report that the package has been sent.

SiCapat Call Center

In addition, if you still have questions about the new SiCepat Food service, we highly recommend that you immediately ask SiCepat directly by contacting the call center below:

  • Phone : 021-5020-0050
  • Line : @sicepat
  • WhatsApp : 0812 9966 6088
  • Email : [email protected]

That’s the explanation about the registration of the SiCepat Food driver. While waiting for information when registration for SiCepat Food drivers opens, you can register as a courier first. Good luck.

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