Snapchat Potato Filter, Fun To Try

Snapchat Potato Filter — Many social media users Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat are still talking about potato filters. So if yesterday we discussed similar filters on Instagram, this time we will try it on another social media, namely Snapchat. It must be just as fun. You can try after reading this article.

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Slightly different from the potato filter on ig, this time the filter is more inclined to the English version, namely the potato Snapchat filter. Why? Yes, because the original Snapchat in Indonesia is less popular. Only certain users use it. So it’s different from TikTok or Instagram, where the number of users is increasing day by day.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to get this filter, please try our guide below. Hopefully it will make it easier for you. Don’t forget to keep trying it directly because this guide will be very simple.

Snapchat Potato Filter, How To Get It Very Simple

Slightly different from the potato filter on Instagram, for this filter on Snapchat we don’t look for the creator’s account but we will immediately look for the filter or more commonly called the lens if in this application.

Snapchat Potato Filter
Snapchat Potato Filter

If the potato filter has been found. So you just have to try it. That way you have succeeded in taking part in the hustle and bustle of this potato filter. It’s unique, just imagine that your face will turn into a potato, it’s very funny if you use this filter.

The steps are like this to be able to get a potato filter. Hopefully you can follow up quickly. You have to open your Snapchat account first to make it easier. Because that way you will immediately try it means making it easier for yourself instead of having to go back and forth.

How to Get Potato Filter

Please follow the procedure to get a potato filter, don’t forget to try it.

  • Open your Snapchat App.
  • Then you can use the search section to search for potato filters.
  • Please just type Potato. Then enter.
  • You will see the search results of these potato lenses, then select one.
  • When the camera is open, you can immediately use the potato filter.

With the steps above, the Snapchat potato filter has been successfully tried. Don’t worry you can’t get it because we have tried the explanation ourselves.

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We think it’s enough to talk about this. Hope it can help you in playing filters on Snapchat. Not only on TikTok and on Instagram only.

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