Squid Game Roblox Indonesia, Here’s How to Play

Squid Game Roblox Indonesia

infoinsaja.com – On this occasion, just info will discuss squid game roblox indonesia. And how to play the fish game roblox.

As we all know squid game is a film that is currently viral on social media. Many people like this film because of the interesting storyline.

Well, the viral squid game movie made creators take advantage of this gap. For example, the Squid game that is packaged in the Roblox game.

Of course, the games offered are also similar to the film. No wonder many robox players are looking for how to play the squid game on roblox apk.

If you are also looking for a way to play the squid game on roblox. So please see reviews about squid game roblox the following.

Fish Game Roblox

The name used by the squid game roblox server operator is fish game. Despite having a different name, the style of play remains the same as the squid game.

Namely there will be a doll with a scary voice. And if you move, then you will be eliminated from the game. Interesting right?

Squid Game Roblox Indonesia, Here’s How to Play

Squid Game Roblox Indonesia

Well, if you have any interest in fish game roblox. So in this article the admin will share a tutorial to play it.

But before that, if you don’t have a roblox game. Then you have to download the game first on the google play store or via the link beside: Click here

After downloading the roblox game and creating the account. Please refer to the tutorial for playing the squid game or fish game roblox below.

How To Play Squid Game On Roblox

  1. First, please open the roblox game
  2. Find and click the add friends feature
  3. Type @NotCrxshed and click on the avatar
  4. Scroll down to the Favorites menu
  5. Then click Fish Game
  6. Finally click the play button to play it
  7. Finished

So that’s how to play squid game on roblox. What do you think? Easy isn’t it? If you are already in the game, all you have to do is do what you have to do to win the game.


Okay friends, that’s all the admin can say about how to play squid game roblox. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting infoinsaja.com.

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