Study Stream: A Co-Learning Platform With Students Around the World

Study Stream

In this article, we will discuss platforms that provide free online study spaces to study together with students around the world.

Study Stream is a free online platform that connects you with a number of students around the world who are studying from home and looking for peer group study sessions. The platform has a number of virtual rooms supported by the online conferencing platform Zoom and the Discord platform.

Here, you can find many students who come from different study backgrounds, in one study session so that they can focus more on their work and not be distracted by the surrounding environment. This platform is designed with the human ability to imitate the actions of others and the psychology of accountability in mind.

Study Stream is a virtual platform to find a group of students and study virtually with them. Here, you can find real people who are motivated to complete studies or work in peer groups. You can find students from various universities around the world available online whenever they want to have a focused study session.

How to Join Study Stream

To join Study Stream, all you have to do is visit the Study Stream site from here and Join your Zoom or Discord account. Make sure you are logged into your Zoom account or Discord account before joining the study session.

Study Stream-1

In the example in this article, we use this platform using a Zoom Account. Then click “Join Focus Rooms” with a zoom icon on it. Clicking on it will redirect you to a page where you can select Focus Room. Choose whichever server you want, depending on whether you want to study with Pre-university Students or with University Students.

Study Stream-2

After selecting the server, click “Take me to the Focus Room” given in the pop up window of this site.

Study Stream-3

This will direct you to the Zoom app or online Zoom account to set preferences. Then click “agree” after the website opens the Community Guidelines on the Zoom page (after reading the guidelines).

Study Stream-4

When you agree to the community guidelines, you can then join the study room with video or without video.

Study Stream-5

Make sure to mute audio the first time you join a room. After joining the room, you can see all the students presenting their own work. Most students mute the microphone and chat is also disabled as per community guidelines.

Study Stream-6

You can navigate the number of students present online in your dedicated virtual study room at any given moment. That’s it, now you have a peer study group with which you can hold private study sessions without any distractions.

Study Stream is a virtual study room platform where you can find any number of students accessing each other’s group study sessions around the world using their Zoom or Discord account.

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