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The Telegram link to Watch the Uncharted 2022 film with Indo Sub turns out to be much sought after: Free Download, Watch it in Cinemas! Here’s a link to watch an exciting film titled Uncharted on LK21, not on telegram or you can watch it through Indonesian cinemas. In this article, we will provide a link to watch the latest Uncharted film in theaters, see the review until it runs out!

Before we give the link in question, there is a little synopsis of the Uncharted fulm storyline. The link in question is not from a site that is well known to many people, such as IndoXXI and LayarKaca21, because it is official and free.

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Uncharted tells the story of a treasure hunter who is assigned to restore wealth that has been missing for 500 years. The film, starring Tom Holland, Sophia Ali and Mark Wahrlberg, was directed by Ruben Fleischer.

In the story, Nathan Drake is recruited by experienced treasure hunter Victor Sullivan (Sully). Nathan’s task is to return the wealth accumulated by Ferdinand Magellan. It is known, the property of Ferdinand Magellan had disappeared since 500 years ago by the House of Moncada.

Curious about the excitement of the Uncharted 2022 film? let’s see the storyline below

Synopsis Film Uncharted 2022

Uncharted is a film with the Action, Adventure genre which tells the story of a young man who goes on an adventure to hunt for treasure with his partner. The film, directed by Ruben Fleischer with screenwriters Art Marcum, Rafe Judkins, and Matt Hillow, is based on the video game of the same name.

Filled with well-known Hollywood actors and actresses such as Tom Holland, Sophia Ali, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Banderas, Uncharted premiered in Indonesia on Wednesday (16/2/2022). The following is a synopsis of the film Uncharted, Tom Holland’s big film after playing the spider man in Marvel films.

Here’s a glimpse Synopsis Film Uncharted 2022 What we can share is about a young man named Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) who steals a treasure map with his brother on the Magellan expedition. However, when he was about to run away, his brother was caught and disappeared.

They plan to steal a cross key at an auction and meet Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas). Nathan, who is still an amateur thief, is chased by Santiago’s men. He was forced to fight the messengers and managed to escape with Sully.

Finally, the two decided to look for treasure in a tropical place. They had to cross the ocean to reach the place where the treasure was. So how does the story end of Nathan and Sully’s adventure in searching for the treasure. And will Nathan be able to find his brother who has been missing for decades?

Well, below is streaming link which you can access to watch Film Uncharted 2022 from Cinema XXI open Platforms WeTV and Telegram.

Watch Film Uncharted 2022

To watch Movies Film Uncharted 2022you can officially access WeTV as a media stream paid online. But you have toupgrade account first to VIP at a price of Rp. 15 thousand rupiah.

WETV with a VIP account can pamper users to be more comfortable when watching. The main service can access a lot of videos, and without annoying ads while watching movies.

WeTV can be accessed via Desktop or smartphones. For those of you who want to watchFilm Uncharted 2022‘ conveniently without ads, here’s a simple way:

  1. Open the Browser on your Laptop/Computer;
  2. Or first download the WeTV app on the Google Play Store;
  3. Then, if it is already installed, please search for the series ‘Film Uncharted 2022
  4. Enjoy watching Film Uncharted 2022 Indonesian Sub.

Here’s the link to watch and download All of Film Uncharted 2022 Full Indo sub streaming on

  • Watch Link Film Uncharted 2022 Free Indo Sub Here
  • Watch Streaming Link Film Uncharted 2022 Free Indo Sub Here
  • How to Watch Streaming Film Uncharted 2022 Free Indo Sub Here
  • Link to watch the latest Uncharted movie through Cinemas Here

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