Telegram’s Mutual Meaning Is This It Turns Out

Telegram Mutual — This term was formerly known on Twitter under the name Twitter Mutual. Then recently there were also mutuals wa before the mutuals which we will discuss. So you have to follow the discussion this time so that you understand.

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This new term like Mutual makes a lot of people curious. So until now, many Telegram users have started to get confused about the term mutualan.

But originally the term mutualan slang is not a new term. So this term has actually appeared some time ago especially on Facebook. Surely you’ve read one mutual Friends on Facebook. Yes, that’s where you first understand the term mutual.

Telegram Mutual is

Let’s talk about the problem first Mutual. It comes from the word Mutual which means reciprocity or reciprocation. So a kind of mutual meaning. Mutual here just happens to be adjusted to the context.

Mutual Telegram Meaning
Mutual Telegram Meaning

Because here mutualan in the Telegram application so it means to be friends with each other. Or you can also save each other’s phone numbers connected to their respective Telegram accounts.

So that’s about the meaning of mutualan in the Telegram application. Therefore, you can say this term to someone you might want to talk to each other like.

Mutual Follow Is Mutual Meaning

Indeed, if you directly translate mutualan then it will be meaningless. This is because the -an suffix in the word mutual is just an addition to Indonesian pronunciation. That’s the character of Indonesian citizens who like to be tough.

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That’s why the word mutualan if you look for it from the dictionary will never be there. The dictionary only translates according to the original language. So you have to interpret according to the meaning only.


That’s all for our discussion. Hopefully you can mutualan with someone who also uses this application. Hope it is useful. This is because we think the explanation above is appropriate or people say the name is easy.

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