Teresa Fidalgo Whatsapp Chain Messages On Whatsapp What is a Hoax?

Teresa Fidalgo Whatsapp

Teresa Fidalgo Whatsapp – Hello all friends, back again with the admin here. Maybe this time the admin will discuss what is being viral in the WhatsApp application.

Well, by the way, maybe you are already familiar, right?, with the application whatsapp this. As you know, this application is used by netizens to send messages or interact online.

Maybe some of you are currently also using this application. Currently this application is very useful for citizens, because with this application we can interact online because of this covid-19 virus outbreak.

Lately, something is going viral on social media, about chain messages sent via the Whatsapp application. Maybe some of you don’t know about this viral news, this news has also recently been busy on social media.

If you want to know more about the chain messages sent by Feels Fidalgoyou can see the explanation below until it’s finished.

Who Feels Fidalgo?

Maybe you are also wondering who Terasa Fidalgo is?. According to the information that the admin found, Terasa Fidalgo is a girl who died after being a victim of an accident.

According to the information the admin got, the girl was 27 years old. It is said that the spirit of Terasa Fidalgo often chased passing motorists on the road where the accident occurred.

Teresa Fidalgo Whatsapp Chain Messages On Whatsapp What is a Hoax?

Teresa Fidalgo Whatsapp

Is This Message a Hoax?

According to the information the admin got, news about Terasa Fidalgo news this is not true or Hoax. Maybe today there are still many people think this news is real.

It feels like Fidalgo is telling Whatsapp users to invite approximately 20 Whatsapp users. If he didn’t do what Terasa Fidalgo told him to do, he would be threatened.

Usually people who use the name Terasa Fidalgo intend to commit fraud. Usually the perpetrator asks the victim to send money, if the victim doesn’t do what he says, the perpetrator threatens the victim.


The conclusion that the admin gives is that you don’t just believe in news that has no clarity, because this can lead to Hoaxes. Because if you give false news, you can be punished according to the specified article.

The final word

Maybe the information about Terasa Fidalgo can only be given to you. Hopefully this information can be useful for you, thank you for those of you who have visited just info this time. See you in the next article.

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