The 2022 MLBB Yellow Diamond Event is Coming Back, Here’s How to Claim it

MLBB Yellow Diamond Event 2021

infoinsaja.comMLBB yellow diamond event 2022 back in October. Here the admin will provide information about the yellow diamond ml event in October 2022.

As we know, yellow diamonds are one of the favorite items in mobile legends. The reason is by using yellow diamonds, we can buy expensive hero skins with only 1 real diamond.

Not only hero skins, you can also take various items that can be purchased with diamonds. That is the reason why the yellow diamond event is always awaited by mlbb players.

Well, the mlbb yellow diamond event in 2022 has been present in May, and is back in October. Of course, this is encouraging news, especially for free players.

How does Yellow Diamond ML work?

For those who don’t know, yellow diamonds actually have the same function as real diamonds. It’s just that, we need an inducement or conditions to use it.

The conditions used to use yellow diamonds are 1 real diamond (blue). So, simply we can buy skins or expensive items using only 1 diamond.

But of course the number of yellow diamonds must be the same as the price of skins or similar items. For example, if there is a hero skin worth 499 diamonds, then the yellow diamond you have must also be 498 or above.

The 2022 MLBB Yellow Diamond Event is Coming Back, Here’s How to Claim it

MLBB Yellow Diamond Event 2021

The yellow diamond event that is present in October 2022 does not provide special missions. You only need to pre-order and login on the specified date.

Only then can you claim mobile legends yellow diamond of events that are present today. If you are still confused, then please see the reviews below.

How to Get MLBB Yellow Diamonds

As the admin explained above, you have to pre-order first. Well, the pre-order mission was here on October 16, 2022 yesterday.

If you have pre-ordered on October 16, 2022. So from the news circulating, on October 26, 2022 you can claim the yellow diamond.


Well, that’s how to get yellow diamond in mobile legends 2022. Hopefully this article can be useful and thank you for visiting

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