The Advantages of Making Reels With Song Lyrics on Instagram 2022

The Advantages of Making Reels With Song Lyrics on Instagram – Did you know that now there is a new feature that you can get when you use the Instagram application, Yaps, .. The feature is called Reels Instagram, which if you use it, you can make video posts that are complete with lyrics and lyrics.

However, the question that many users ask today is how to make Instagram reels with song lyrics so that the videos you make will be cooler later, so if you want to know how, just take a look at the following information.

Today, who doesn’t know the social media application Instagram? Because the application, which is often referred to as IG, is indeed a children’s application that hits today.

Moreover, users of this application are not only from ordinary people, because artists and officials also use the Instagram social media application

Because by using our Instagram application it is easier to communicate with other users, so you can socialize with other users and maybe find new friends.

Of course the features in the Instargam application are also not kidding, because you can find many cool features that will make you comfortable using this application, and one of them is the Instagram reels feature.

At a Glance About Reels IG There Are Song Lyrics

Before we discuss the Advantages of the Latest Music Video Feature from Instagram, it’s a good idea to know in advance what the latest feature called reels ig is, that way later you won’t be confused when using it in your Instagram application.

As I said above, this Reels feature is a feature that was recently released by Instagram, which allows you to create video content with live audio that you can choose from in the reels.

Although in the end they both slide through Story and Reels, the Music feature that was just introduced by Instagram turns out to have a number of differences when applied.

One of them, the Music feature in Story has support for displaying the lyrics of the song being played because it is a sticker while in Reels only the music and vocals are played.

Therefore, if you want to embed the lyrics for an embedded song into Reels content, users will need to rack their brains a bit to find another way to do this.

Using a video editor from a third party can indeed be the right option for those who want to do it. But of course, the ability to operate is an important key to success.

The good news is, there is a little trick to paste lyrics into Reels for those of you who are weak in editing videos. In fact, to do this, we don’t need any additional apps but instead take advantage of Instagram’s support directly

So you don’t need to do editing outside of Instagram anymore, because on reels you can do editing, this feature is easily similar to the Tiktok feature because maybe IG wants to compete with Tiktok.

It’s just that not a few users complain that Instagram Rells doesn’t appear on their devices, but all of that can be solved if you update the Instagram application, then when you open the apk, the Reels feature will appear.

Features of the Advantages of Reels There are Song Lyrics on Instagram

Users in Indonesia now also have access to the Music feature on Instagram and Facebook. For example, users can add music and lyrics to their Reels, or add Music stickers on Instagram and Facebook Stories to add songs soundtrack right at every moment shared.

Reels advantages for greater creativity on Instagram:

  1. Feature Remix which makes it easy for users to create their own version of Reel video and integrate it with existing Reel. Users can create collaborative video creations, share facial reactions, add perspective, and other fun content on Reels.
  2. To give users more opportunities to manage sound or add audio to their Reels, with the features Voiceover (Voiceover) which allows the user to add sound to the Reels, and Mixed Audio (Choose Voice) which allows users to add sounds along with a background song.
  3. Tab Reels to provide a greater platform for creators to share their engaging videos and make it easier for global audiences to find their content.
  4. Feature Share Audio Pages (Share Audio Page) to add the ability to save sounds in the editing feature, so users can share all Reels that use a specific part of a song via DM, and Audio Browser to find music from the For You and Trending tabs.
  5. AR effect which helps beautify the user’s Reels content. Users can choose to use fun filters from Instagram or search for their favorite filters in “Search Effects”, then use them to create Reels content that is more engaging for their audience.
  6. Instagram has also extends Reels duration up to 30 secondsadded settings timer up to 10 seconds, and introduces the ability to trim or edit video clips.
  7. Tags Branded Content (Branded Content) so that creators can share content in collaboration with a brand transparently, as well as launching Shopping in Reels to countries that already have access to Shopping features globally. With these features, Instagram hopes to bring an even more fun and entertaining shopping experience, where users can find the products they love while they watch Reels.

No need to worry about security because the advanced security and privacy features that Instagram has developed will also apply to Reels. From private account settings and Close Friends that help users manage who can see their content, to comment filters and Restrict (Limit) which ensures they are protected from inappropriate comments.

And now a new question arises, because they ask how to make Instagram reels with song lyrics? You don’t need to worry because I’ve found a solution to fix it, so just take a look at the reviews I’ve summarized below.

How to Make Instagram Reels with Latest Song lyrics

Actually, if you already have the reels feature on your Instagram, then how to make reels with lyrics is very, very easy and doesn’t require special tricks, it’s just that maybe you don’t know how to do it, for that, please just take a look at the following review.

  1. The first step, please open the Instagram application
  2. Then you log in to your Instagram account
  3. To make reels, please click the Plus icon
  4. Then slide the recording mode menu to the right and you will find Reels
  5. Now you click Audio and select the song you want to use
  6. After that, you click the Aa icon, then you will choose the effect of the lyrics display which will appear on your video according to the selected song.

But there is something you need to know that not all the songs on the Instagram reels menu are equipped with lyrics, so if the song you choose doesn’t have lyrics, then you change to another song.

Maybe because these reels are still a new feature, there is still a lot that needs to be fixed.

The final word

So much information about how to make Instagram reels with the lyrics of this song, I hope what I say can be useful information, Thank you.

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