The Advantages of the Latest Tiktok Lite Apk 2022

Advantages of Tiktok Lite Apk – It is undeniable that now TikTok has become one of the most viral video sharing media. Not only in Indonesia, the TikTok application is very popular in various parts of the world. This application is arguably a revolutionary application. It is proven that many technology companies such as Youtube and Instagram are competing to create platforms like TikTok.

There are several things that make TikTok so viral. Apart from the fresh content, the algorithm from TikTok is made user friendly. So TikTok can display videos based on user interests accurately. In addition, recently there was also news that by playing TikTok we can also make money.

Yes, maybe some of you are still not familiar with it. We can get rupiah coffers by just using the TikTok application. But the TikTok application in question is not the usual TikTok application, but TikTok Lite. What is TikTok Lite? Let’s find out together the answer in the following review.

TikTok Lite Review Apk

TikTok Lite is a development application from the usual TikTok. As the name implies, this application has the advantage of being small and lightweight. In addition, this application is also designed so that users can save more on internet quota. The trick is to lower the resolution of the video that is displayed. This application is perfect for those of us who have cellphones with potato specs and minimal internet quota.

Apart from having these advantages, TikTok Lite can also be used to make money. We can earn money from TikTok Lite by watching TikTok videos and inviting people to use the TikTok Lite application. There will be a commission every time we successfully invite people to download and use this application.

Features of TikTok Lite Newest 2022

Here, we will describe more complete information about some of the features and advantages that TikTok Lite has, which cannot be found in the regular TikTok application. For those of you who want to know, please monitor the following reviews.

Can Make Money

The first feature and advantage that the TikTok Lite application has is that it is proven to be able to make money. Many people have proven that this application can really generate rupiah coffers. Just by watching videos and inviting people, we can earn.


Another advantage of the TikTok Lite application that is felt by users is that it is lighter. Even though the cellphone used has potato specs, the TikTok Lite application can run smoothly. This is different from the usual TikTok application which requires higher specs to run smoothly.

Smaller Size

Besides being lighter, the size of the application from TikTok Lite is smaller. Of course this is very useful because it can save storage memory on HP. The difference in size from the regular and Lite TikTok apps is quite far. Therefore, if you have a cellphone with small storage, it is better to use the Lite version of the TikTok application.

Save Quota

One more feature and advantage offered by the TikTok Lite application, namely saving quota. The developer of this application designed it to be able to display a lower resolution so that the consumption of internet quota is also smaller. This is very suitable for users who do not have a large number of quotas to have fun.

How To Make Money From TikTok Lite 2022

There are several ways you can do to make money from the TikTok Lite application. If you want to know how, just take a good look at the reviews regarding how to make a lot of money from the TikTok Lite application which is currently viral.

Watching video

One way you can make money from the TikTok Lite application is to watch the videos that are there. The more hours of watching videos you do, the more money you can get. When else can you watch videos while lying down, but get paid. If you do not believe, please try to prove it yourself.

Invite People

The second way to make money from TikTok Lite is to invite people. So every time we join TikTok Lite, there will be an invitation code that we can share with others. If someone else downloads and installs TikTok Lite from the invitation code that we have, then we will be rewarded with money.

The amount of the reward varies. The more people who join TikTok Lite from your invitation code, the more money you can pocket. Oh yes, the money from inviting these friends is much greater than the amount of money made from watching videos on TikTok Lite.

How to Register a TikTok Lite Account

Well, after seeing the benefits that can be obtained from TikTok Lite, of course you can’t wait to try it, right? To be able to watch videos and invite people, of course we have to register an account first. Here are some ways that can be done to easily register a TikTok Lite account.

Register Via Google Account

The first way you can register a TikTok Lite account directly through a Google account. This method is one of the easiest ways because almost everyone already has a Google account, especially those using Android phones.

Register Via Line Account

Apart from going through a Google account, we can also register a TikTok Lite account through a Line account. For those of you who don’t know, Line is one of the most popular messenger applications in its day. Until now the number of Line users is still quite a lot.

Register Via Email Account

For those of you who have emails, both gmail and others, it can also be used to register a TikTok Lite account. The email that can be used to register is free, as long as it is still active and can be used to receive an account activation verification link.

Register Via Facebook Account

If you have a Facebook social media account, you can also use it to register for a TikTok Lite account. The method is no less easy than the previous method. The condition is that your Facebook account must be active.

Register Via Mobile Number

The last way to register a TikTok Lite account can be through a cellphone number. Free, you can use all types of cellular operators in Indonesia, starting from Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Smartfren, Tri, or others as long as you can receive verification SMS.

How to Withdraw Money ON TikTok Lite

After successfully completing various missions watching videos and inviting people to join TikTok Lite, of course we will get a commission. The amount varies from thousands to tens of thousands of rupiah. So how do you withdraw the money you have earned?

Because the money you get on TikTok Lite was originally only in the form of coins. But the value of these coins is the same as real money when converted. For example, 20,000 coins are equal to 20,000 rupiah. Here we follow a tutorial on how to withdraw money from TikTok Lite easily and practically.

  1. First of all open your TikTok Lite app
  2. Make sure you are logged into your TikTok Lite account
  3. Click the coin icon in the top corner
  4. Click on your TikTok Lite coin balance
  5. Choose the method of withdrawing money through a bank or e-wallet
  6. Fill in all the required data
  7. After that do the verification
  8. If you have, select the Withdraw menu
  9. Enter the number of coins you want to withdraw
  10. Choose a withdrawal method that you have previously verified
  11. Wait a few hours (maximum 2 days)
  12. The coins you withdraw will go directly to your account or e-wallet

Is TikTok Lite APK 2022 Safe from Scams?

Recently, many have been curious and have asked whether TikTok Lite is actually a scam? Until this news was released, there was still no official information from TikTok regarding the news. However, according to the accounts of several users, some have proven to be liquid, and some have had problems with withdrawing money.


Thus complete information about the TikTok Lite application which is proven to be able to make quite a lot of money. Hopefully it can be useful and inspire all TikTok users wherever you are.

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