The Best Free Swimming Pool Design Software

software for designing swimming pools

Here is a list of the Best Free Swimming Pool Design Software For Windows. This freeware is basically a home and exterior design software that can be used to create a swimming pool design according to your needs.

While there are software that provide direct options for creating a pool, some of them provide pool accessories to create the desired swimming pool design. One of these swimming pool design software is 3D modeling software. Using it, you can build 3D batch models using tools like lines, shapes, push/pull, materials, paint, etc.

You can start by creating the shape of the pool and then add pool accessories like ladders, fountains, diving boards, jumpers, beach chairs, plants, floaters, handrails, etc. for the design. In one of these design software, you can even create a pool billiard.

To customize pool design, you can define or change input parameters including pool dimensions (depth, width, height), wall color, wall style, base color, base style, coping width, coping height, coping color, coping style, water level, etc. 2D and 3D viewing modes and easy navigation options are provided in all these Software. You can configure the camera settings view through the pool design from the desired position. In order to save on pool design, most only support their respective project formats.
But in some of them, you can also save pool design snapshot as image or directly print pool design. Here are 3 Best Free Swimming Pool Design Software:

1. Realtime Landscaping Architect

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Realtime Landscaping Architect is a great pool design software for Windows. It provides direct tools for creating swimming pools. This is a demo version which can be used for free without any time limitation. But, you get less number of inbuilt components and some limitations on features compared to the paid version.

Creating a swimming pool using Realtime Landscape Architect:
After creating a blank project, move to the Swimming Pool tab. From here, you can create pool shapes, decks, stairs, chairs, walls, light, water, and other pool accessories (beach ball, diving board, mat, ladder, floater, handrail, etc.).

The best part of this pool design software is that all these components are divided into their respective categories, so that you can easily find and place objects into your pool design. Let’s discuss these categories briefly:

  • Pool: From here, draw the desired shape of the pool and modify its properties such as size, material, height, wall width, water effect, wall material, coping properties, infinity edge and glazing options, tiles, depth, etc.
  • Pool Deck: Design the pool deck here while specifying its parameters according to your needs, such as size, angle, height, elevation, tidiness, coping, tiles, deck material, etc.
  • Pool Stairs: Attach the ladder to your pool at the desired point in your model. You can then customize the step up, step walk, depth, number of steps, curve type, nosing, tile, and material properties of the pool ladder.
  • Pool Seat: Add a pool chair here when editing depth, rounded corners, bevel angles, nose, finished material, etc.
  • Pool Walls: You can draw pool walls by connecting the points on the pool boundary. You can later adjust the properties, size, width, height, coping, etc.
  • Pool Light: It also lets you add pool lights to your design as per your choice. Here, you can customize the light model, range, beam angle, color, etc.
  • Pool Accessory: Add additional components to your pool design like beach ball, diving board, mat, ladder, buoy, handrail, etc.
  • Pool Water: Add water to the pool and adjust water color, water effect, add flow, height, etc.

For each of these categories, you can view the object information including its area and perimeter. It provides various additional objects that can be added to your pool design including 3D text, characters, etc.

This free swimming pool design software also provides examples of swimming pool designs that you can import into your project and modify as you wish. This sample pool design can be imported from Tools > Swimming Pool Wizard.

You can view and navigate through the pool design in 2D or 3D. It provides various navigation options like Plan, Perspective, Realtime Walkthrough, Pan, Zoom, Edit Viewpoints, etc. You can also set camera settings to view the created pool design in Camera View.

This free pool design software lets you print the pool design package or save it in PDF file format. [Download Realtime Landscaping Architect].

2. Dream Plan

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DreamPlan is a great pool design software. This software is free for non-commercial purposes only.

To design a swimming pool using this Software, go to Exterior tab > Pools option. From here, you have to first draw the boundaries of the pool. After doing so, you can customize the pool depth, wall color, wall style, base color, base style, coping width, coping height, coping color, coping style, and water level.

Apart from that, you can add ladders and diving boards to your design by going to the Misc section in the Exterior tab.

Since it is basically an interior and exterior design software, you can also add plant objects, benches, chairs, etc. Into your pool design and create a beautiful pool design. You can also add text labels to the pool design. It lets you switch between 2D blueprint, 2D rendered, and 3D view modes to view and navigate your designs.

In this pool design software, you can save the pool design as a project file. Alternatively, you can save the screenshot of the designed pool or print it directly.

DreamPlan is one of my favorite pool design freeware [Download DreamPlan].

3. SketchUp Make

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SketchUp Make is another alternative to pool design software. Although it doesn’t directly provide the pool designing component, you can use 3D modeling tools to design the pool.

How to design a swimming pool in SketchUp Make:
SketchUp Make provides various drawing tools which help you to draw 3D models. These drawing tools include ine, arc, shapes, paint bucket, scale, outer shell, solid tools, push/pull, etc. To get started, follow these simple steps:

Draw pool boundaries using lines, shapes or other hand-drawing tools. Again draw an area within the previously drawn boundaries. You can lower the surface of this area using the push/pull tool.

You can now modify the inner area using the Water Material from the Materials section present in the right panel. Similarly, you can edit the material of the outside of the model using different types of materials. The drawn 3D model will appear exactly like a swimming pool.
This will create a simple swimming pool model.

You can enhance the pool model further by drawing the pool ladder and other additional components required for the swimming pool. Here is a video tutorial for beginners.

You can also download and import sample pools from the Components section. Then, it lets you modify the sample pool as per your requirement.

It lets you configure Camera settings like standard views (top, bottom, left, right, etc.), parallel projection, perspective, two-point perspective, orbit, pan, field of view, camera position, walk, look around, etc. to look through your pool design.

Pool designs can be exported as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, 3DS, DWG, FBX, OBJ, etc. files. SketchUp Make is a great pool design software. [Download SketchUp Make].

Notes: This software is free for personal use. It also contains pro version functionality which you can enjoy for the first 30 days.

Those are the 3 Best Free Swimming Pool Design Software for Windows. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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