The Latest Boboiboy The Movie 3 2022, Here’s the Release Date

Showtimes Boboiboy The Movie 3 Newest 2022, – Did you know the movie Boboiboy Movie 3? Let’s welcome the new year 2022 with new enthusiasm, and also the latest film shows that are ready to accompany the days for the next year.

Quoted from the Youtube page ‘BHW’ BoBoiboy the movie 3 will soon air in 2022. How exciting is BoBoiboy the movie 3? the following is the latest information. The latest information on the BoBoiboy animation is quite surprising for its loyal audience.

When will Boboiboy The Movie 3 show – when is the schedule for the latest Boboiboy movie 3 for 2022? Netizens are curious.

The film BoBoiBoy is an animated series that is well known and loved by many people. Not only loved by children, this BoBoiBoy animation is also loved by teenagers to adults.

BoBoiBoy has also been released in a film version. Currently, many are waiting for the release of BoBoiBoy The Movie 3. Because previously the screening of the BoBoiBoy 3 film was delayed due to the pandemic.

But now the news of BoBoiBoy The Movie’s broadcast schedule has leaked again.

Show Boboiboy The Movie 3
when will boboiboy the movie 3 air on rtv

Do you know the release date of BoBoiBoy The Movie 3? If not, you must listen to the BoBoiBoy 3 broadcast schedule in this article. table of contents

Show Boboiboy The Movie 3 When?

Supposedly in 2022 the film BoboiBoy Movie 3 should have been shown in theaters. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2022, the production party for the film BoBoiBoy decided to postpone the screening.

Currently, the production team has again spoken about the broadcast date of BoBoiBoy Movie 3. Based on the information circulating, it is likely that the movie BoBoiBoy The Movie 3 will be released in 2022.

here Showtimes of BoBoiBoy The Movie 3

Animonsta Studios as the producer of the BoBoiBoy The Movie 3 film has not yet spoken about the details of the BoBoiBoy 3 broadcast date.

The following is the Boboiboy 3 2022 broadcast schedule on RTV:

What is clear is that the BoBoiBoy film will be released in theaters in 2022.

BoBoiBoy fans hope to be patient again, while waiting for official information from the BoBoiBoy film studio. Hopefully this BoBoiBoy The Movie 3 can be aired in early or at least mid 2022.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie 3 will come in 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022. Actually BoBoiBoy: The Movie 3 will be aired in 2022. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was finally delayed until 2022. In March 2022 It’s already in the production stage.

To find out more, click the following link.

Facts about Boboiboy The Movie 3

Boboiboy itself tells about the adventures of a boy who has extraordinary power against his enemies. Boboiboy does not work alone but is assisted by his loyal friends who help him.
In addition to having an extraordinary profit of reaching 11 billion after the cartoon was appointed to the big screen and gaining success. The income of 1 billion was only needed 5 days after the Boboiboy cartoon aired on the big screen. Unmitigated to work on the film required 70 experts who are competent in their fields.

Besides that, besides having extraordinary advantages, there are also other interesting facts for us to know together. Here are some surprising Boboiboy Cartoon Facts:

  • 1. Boboiboy is a forgetful character and is afraid of popping balloons
  • 2. Boboiboy is the only grandson of Tok Aba
  • 3. The strongest Boboiboy now is the fire Boboiboy
  • 4. The weakest Boboiboy is Lightning Boboiboy
  • 5. Although the weakest, Lightning Boboiboy is the fastest Boboiboy
  • 6. Boboiboy lightning appears because of feelings of anger
  • 7. Gopal is the most “stupid” student in mathematics
  • 8. Boboiboy fire is the only Boboiboy that appears without Adu Du’s intervention
  • 9. The weakness of Ying’s strength is that when she sneezes, her strength is lost
  • 10. Monday cowboy’s crazy cat will faint if he is given 3 Yaya biscuits
  • 11. Bago Go is the most cunning and cunning illegal arms dealer
  • 12. Boboiboy is very good at playing soccer, while Fang is very good at playing basketball
  • 13. Adu Du is the 48th class Sakai alien
  • 14. The Adu Du spaceship is a garbage ship
  • 15. Boboibot is activated using thunderbolt sword fragments, Boboiboy hurricane hoveroboard fragments, Earthquake Boboiboy earth fragments, Boboiboy hair, Boboiboy fingerprints, Boboiboy tears, and fire Boboiboy fire shards

3 Characters Will Be Removed in BoBoiBoy The Movie

In addition to news of the broadcast of BoBoiBoy The Movie 3 in 2022, Abdul Razak as director of Animonsta Studios also revealed the possibility of characters being deleted. There may be 3 characters that will be removed from BoBoiBoy The Movie 3.

The three characters that will be removed from BoBoiBoy 3 are Papa Zola, Adudu, and also Probe. This Papa Zola character is a character in the BoBoiBoy series and also BoBoiBoy Galaxy.

Papa Zola is a hero who appeared in the game in the first season of BoBoiBoy. Adudu’s character is the antagonist in BoBoiBoy who later becomes a supporting character. While Probe is a robot who works and befriends Adudu.

That’s how reviews when Boboiboy the movie 3 will be released. That’s all, hopefully good news will come soon about the release date of BoBoiBoy The Movie 3

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