The Latest FF Incubator Leaks in December 2022 on Free Fire

The next FF incubator leak is December 2022– There is definitely something to look forward to this December, an Incubator Bundle Free Fire from Garena. It is likely that all FF players will be looking forward to the 2022 FF Incubator Bundle event. As we all know, Garena is one of the most innovative developers in terms of game development.

Especially in this FF game where every month they often change to different incubator bundles.

So, for those of you who are looking for information about the next leak of the Free Fire incubator in November 2022, please continue to read this post until it’s finished.

It’s not an FF game if there are no surprises presented by Garena as the developer of this game.

Incubator FF is one of the Luck Royale Free Fire that fans have always been waiting for. You see, from this one draw, you can collect various premium items.

In addition, the opportunity to win a prize from this Luck Royale is also very large. That’s why the next update of Incubator FF prizes is an interesting thing that players must follow.

If we talk about popular games, of course, Garena FF will hold on to it, because this game is indeed one of the most popular games for all people, even from children to adults who really like the battle royale survival game. the.

But mimin discusses information that is always viral every month, namely the next leak of the next ff incubator in 2022, of course we all know very well this incubator ff item is one of the best items to date, this weapon is the best-selling in 2022, even many who are curious as to what the next incubator will be released by Garena ff.

Because we know that the ff incubator has various types, so we are always curious about what kind of ff incubator we will get, to find out, make sure to read this article until the end so that there is no missing information.

Early November 2022, Garena introduced the Gun Skin Fatal Snarl prize as the newest FF Incubator prize this month. It doesn’t just stop there, the developer adds again rewards just so that the Free Fire 2022 draw will be even more exciting.

FF Incubator Bundle Leaks December 2022

On updates The next FF Incubator in December 2022, Buddy Gamers will see the Spirited Overseers Bundle.

This bundle has a Japanese fox theme design (kitsune) and temple priests (Miko) is cool and mysterious. To get it, you can directly do a lottery at Incubator FF with the following conditions.

If in the past, players were confused about FF’s iconic skin at the FFWS event, this time players were also curious about the latest incubator bundle which the developer might bring back in early November 2022.

The developer is indeed very aggressive in releasing the latest bundles and skins, so that the players become more enthusiastic and don’t get bored quickly.

Well, with so many bundles, of course, players can change their character sets easily. Well, no need to talk at length anymore, let’s go to a more complete explanation of the next leak of Incubator FF in the following review.

FF Incubator at a Glance

Incubator FF
Incubator FF

Incubator FF is events which is usually held at a certain time by Garena Free Fire. In events Incubator FF, available bundle Incubator FF which has a very cool look. Usually, the display is dominated by black with certain color combinations. Incubator FF or Incubator Spirited Overseers FF is bundle Japanese theme that takes the theme of a fox (Kitsune) and a shrine priest (Miko).

Incubator Geometric Shock Free Fire is a FF Incubator that will soon be coming to Free Fire to replace the role of the previous bundles.

This bundle looks really cool with its cool looks. Moreover, the difference in color in the 4 types of bundles and different characters makes one of them a must-have.

Leaks released by Free Fire World, Incubator Geometric Shock is an Incubator that presents 8 Bundles at once, of which 4 are for female characters and 4 for boys.

This very cool incubator has never been to Free Fire. Here are the four pairs of Incubator Geometric Shock bundles:

  • Hexagonal Magma
  • Cuadrangular Ultraviolet
  • Amanecer Triangular
  • Aura Circular

Interestingly, you can combine these bundle sets with other items, and create your own version of the bundle look.

As we all know from January, February, March, April and May, Garena has released its newest incubator bundle.

Of course, it is possible that December 2022 will also release Incubatore FF again with a different look and animation effect.

So for those of you who collect cool bundles in the Free Fire game, please prepare as many diamonds as possible in advance.

Bundle Incubator is one of the best types of bundles in Free Fire (FF). This is because many players are looking forward to the presence of these items at every opportunity of their presence.

Incubator is conceptualized as a series of skins with the same theme with different colors. The appearance that is guaranteed to be cool is always a matter of pride for players who have it, so rarely anyone feels a loss to have the serial skin.

Currently, we are still presented with the Incubator Time Machine bundle in the Luck Royale Incubator bundle. After a month has passed, the bundles will likely expire in some time.

Curious about the leaked Incubator FF bundle that will be available in December 2022? Come on, see the leak below, we quote it from

1. Glacier Soldier Incubator Bundle

The first bundle is called Glacier Soldier. Just by looking at the name, of course, you can guess for yourself that this bundle is designed like a cool Ice soldier.

However, this bundle does not only have an ice effect, but also other elements, namely fire and electricity. Of course, with the many effects that are all over his body, it will make the character look cooler

2. Bundle Incubator Infernal Soldier

The second bundle is called the Infernal Soldier with the theme of a brave soldier. Even in terms of the effects that this second bundle has, I think it’s no less cool than the first one.

Because this incubator infernal soldier bundle also has the most complete animation effects from the other bundles. Then we can classify it as a tier S bundle. So for you, true gamers, this bundle is a must for you to have.

3. Venom Soldier Incubator Bundle

The next Free Fire incubator bundle is named Venom soldier. You could say that when compared to the two bundles that Mimin discussed earlier, Venom Soldier has a fairly friendly price.

Because indeed this one bundle is offered at a low price. But don’t expect it, even though the price is cheap, you will get a cool effect on the body, which is a deadly poison so it looks very cool.

4. Shadow Soldier Incubator Bundle

Alright, for the last incubator bundle rank, it’s called Bundle Shadow Soldier. For the price it offers more or less not much different from the number three earlier. So for those of you who want one bundle, just buy it right away.

Because with a cheap price you can also get a pretty cool fire effect that is all over his burning body. With the fire effect, it certainly makes the character look not bored to look at.

Now that’s the next leak of the FF incubator 2022 in November that you can get later if it’s been presented by the developer.

The Latest FF Incubator Event Leaks 2022

To be able to get a line bundke in Incubator Spirited Overseers FF, you need Diamond or vouchers Incubator to get Blueprint and Evolution Stone which can later be exchanged for bundle.

  • 1x Spin: 60 Diamond/1x Incubator Voucher
  • 5x Spin: 240 Diamond/5x Incubator Voucher

Apart from Incubator Spirited Overseers FF, here are bundle and tips so you don’t miss the Luck Royale this time:

  1. Sunscorch Priest FF Bundle: 8 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints required.
  2. Sunscorch Priestess FF Bundle: Requires 8 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints: Spirited Overseers.
  3. Articfire Priest FF Bundle: Requires 5 Evolution Stones and 2 Blueprints: Spirited Overseers.
  4. Articfire Priestess FF Bundle: Requires 5 Evolution Stones and 2 Blueprints: Spirited Overseers.
  5. Starlight Priest FF Bundle: Requires 2 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint: Spirited Overseers.
  6. Starlight Priestess FF Bundle: Requires 2 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint: Spirited Overseers

Free Fire is one of the most interesting battle royale games and has various surprises from the developer as the developer of this game. So don’t be surprised if from time to time this game is getting more and more popular.

Even now, many players are looking for information on the next 2022 FF incubator leak in November.

Of course, this is a very high sense of enthusiasm by the players who often wait for a new bundle to be presented by Garena. Well, for those of you who are very curious, please see below.

  • Golden Shade Bundle Set
  • Golden Wraith Bundle Set
  • Navy Shade Bundle Set
  • Navy Wraith Bundle Set
  • Phantom Samurai Bundle Set
  • Phantom Empress Bundle Set

Regarding the price of each bundle, the admin himself still doesn’t know the exact price it offers. However, regarding the effects and appearance of the six newest 2022 incubator bundles, all of them are equally cool and also have their own advantages.

Claim Event Prizes Apart from Free FF Incubator Bundle at Free Fire 2022

Some players may be reluctant to top up Free Fire diamonds and are more interested in finding other alternative ways so they don’t have to spend money but can still get DMs for free.

Now, after you know about the next FF incubator leak in November 2022. Of course, after knowing a little information that the admin has shared above, of course, you have to prepare the diamond in advance as much as possible.

Recently, the admin received information about the free 2022 free fire event claiming prizes through a site that is not from Garena but from a third party.

So, for those of you who want to try your luck to get free diamonds, please try one of the sites below.

  • Eventsfreefire2022 com
  • Eventff
  • Freefireluckydraw com
  • Real FF Diamond Generator

So, those are some sites that might be used as an alternative way for those of you who want to get free FF diamonds without having to top up or spend money. But for the risks you need to consider and be careful when using it.

Thus the Next FF Incubator Leak in December 2022 that you can use to claim the prizes above. good luck.

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