The latest viral Kang Gallon, this is the explanation

Viral Kang Gallon – Hello friends, this time just info will provide information about go viral kang gallon. Namely the latest video of Kang Gallon that is sticking out again and is being searched by netizens. So what made the gallon maker go viral again?

Previously, did you know about the viral case of the gallon maker? What happened in 2022 ago? If you remember, then this discussion will be easier. For those who are curious then just check the following explanation.

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From several sources that the admin has searched. It turns out kang gallon is viral This is again making obscene videos and uploading them to social media. Which video contains scenes that should not be imitated by underage girls,

Worse yet, the girl was still in junior high school. Meanwhile, the gallon maker has become a student. Formerly kang gallon viral video also been viral in 2022 as the admin explained above.

The latest viral Kang Gallon, this is the explanation

Viral Kang Gallon

One case is not enough, a man with a nickname kang gallon it makes a second video. As the admin explained earlier. He did indecent scenes against middle school girls and uploaded them to social media.

His goal is to gain fame and fame as a Youtuber. Because actually kang gallon now has a yt channel with 25 thousand subscribers.

But instead of becoming viral and famous as a youtuber. The man ended up confronting the police. Because of the indecent scenes he had done to underage girls.

After dealing with the authorities, Kang Gallon admitted that he had done this 2 weeks ago. Which means this isn’t the first time he’s done something immoral to an underage girl.


So that’s the explanation regarding the latest case of kang gallon’s video. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for all of you. Thank you for visiting our site

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