The meaning of Pantek Viral in Slang, this is what it means

Viral Pantek Meaning – On this occasion, just info will discuss viral pantek meaning. A word that is often said by netizens in Indonesia.

Pantek is indeed a word that we often hear in Indonesia. In addition, pantek is also often found in videos and comments on social media.

No wonder the word pantek has gone viral while making netizens curious about its meaning. So what exactly is meant by pantek?

And where did that word come from? Of course you are curious right? Therefore, in this article, the admin will give the meaning of the word pantek.

The goal is that you all know what pantek means. At the same time to treat your curiosity about the word pantek which is again viral.

Meaning of the word Pantek

So, pantek are swear words that come from the Minang language. Pantek itself has a bad intention to say.

The word pantek which comes from the Minang language refers to the female genitalia. And very inappropriate to say to other people because it is included in the harsh words.

The meaning of Pantek Viral in Slang, this is what it means

Viral Pantek Meaning

Even so, pantek is now known as a slang that is often spoken. Because many think that this word is funny and interesting to use.

But of course there are also those who think that pantek is inappropriate to use as slang. Of course it’s because the meaning of the word pantek which is not appropriate to always say.

But there are still meanings of the word pantek from another universe. Namely from the KBBI, or the Big Indonesian Dictionary. Curious? Just check the following reviews.

The Meaning of Pantek According to the KBBI

If from KBBI, pantek means noun meaning peg or pin. The word pentek in the KBBI also has derivatives, namely to stick or stick wood and be stuck or stuck.


Okay friends, that’s enough discussion from the admin about the meaning of the word viral pantek. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and thank you for visiting

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