The meaning of YNTKTS in Slang, which is still viral

Meaning of YNTKTS in Slang – On this occasion, just info will discuss the meaning of slang yntkts. Short words that are trending on social media, especially in the context of memes. The term is so viral that many people are looking for what it means.

If you are one of the people who are looking for the meaning of yntkts. Then you can find out what it means on this site. Of course the admin will discuss this. Immediately for those of you who want to know what it means, here is the explanation.

Meaning of the abbreviation YNTKTS Viral

So, yntkts means is “you don’t know why ask me”. What the president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, said. The sentence has the aim of expressing ignorance to the question asked by someone.

When you are asked about things you don’t know. Then you just reply with yntkts. Words that are short, concise, and clear. The presence of these words makes an advantage for people who are always asked even though they don’t know the answer.

The meaning of YNTKTS in Slang, which is still viral

Yntkts is the perfect alternative for those of you who like simple things. Whatever questions you don’t know the answer to, then just reply with yntkts. In all social media, the term is already widely used.

It was even trending in the candy world. If you often open facebook. Surely often find Jokowi’s face with the addition of the word Yntkts. The meme is very liked by some people and but also not liked by others.

YNTKTS Memes Viral

If you are curious about one yntkts meme memes. Then you can directly check the image below:

Meaning of YNTKTS in Slang

Yntkts or yo don’t know why ask me It is also viral on the social media of a million people, namely TikTok. So that the term can be more familiar to ordinary people though. If any of your friends don’t know the meaning of yntkts, then please share this article.


Okay friends, maybe that’s all the admin can say about the meaning of the word yntkts. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting

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