The Reason Why TikTok Quota Can’t Be Used?

Why TikTok Quota Can’t Be Used – Here’s About Causes and Ways to Overcome Why TikTok Tri Quota, IM3 Indosat Cannot Be Used. Tri Card Free 10GB Tiktok Quota for those of you tri card users and using Tiktok, you don’t have a package, please check the quota on your tri card, a quota will appear Tri Card Free 10GB Tiktok Quota to play Tiktok that is active until the month February 2, 2022.

Tiktok 3 (tri) and Indosat extra quotas are packages that are currently available for free for the Tik Tok application service. You can use this quota for free without paying anything.

The tik tok quota can also be changed to the main (regular) quota, so you can use the tik tok quota from tri for all internet services. But there are a few tricks and tutorials to get the free quota.

This Free Tri package with 10GB quota is only for tiktok, you can’t use other internet if you want to open another application, you have to use internet quota, because for tiktok only Tri 10GB quota, this promo is given because Tri and Indosat officially merged today, Tri and Indosat.

Free Tiktok Quota Dial Code

To get Tiktok Tri 10GB Free Quota is very easy, the important thing is to have a Tri card first or Indosat, I can also discuss later, Indosat, make sure your tri card is still active so that you can get a Free Tiktok 10GB quota.

Type Dial code *123*10*3#
Or type in message Send quota info 234.
Very easy Not Get 10GB free Tri quota.

Extra Quota Tiktok Tri is a package that can be used specifically for the tiktok application service in a certain amount, but now there is one tutorials to change the tik tok quota to the main quota (regular).

Reportedly, currently, Tri is giving free Tik Tok quota up to “10GB” for users.

Reason Why TikTok Quota Can’t Be Used?

Before solving the problem TikTok Quota Cannot Be Used First, let’s find out what the causes are. because Not a few people complain that their TikTok quota can’t be used. Actually, we can overcome this with just a few steps.

Weak Tri & Im3 Signal

TikTok Quota Cannot Be Used this often happens because the signal is weak and if you have a strong network then the TikTok quota cannot work optimally. Therefore, please find a location with a strong signal.

Tiktok quota is used to access other internet

If the Tiktok tri quota is used on the internet like a regular quota then TikTok Quota Cannot Be Used such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Operator Tri is Interrupted

If the operator is having trouble this is the Cause Why TikTok Quota Can’t Be Used

Tiktok quota runs out

If you use Indosat’s free tiktok quota, it’s possible TikTok Quota Cannot Be Used due to run out. then check periodically when the extra quota error is tiktok tri

How to Overcome Tiktok Quota Tri & Indosat Can not be used

Cause Why TikTok Quota Cannot Be Used you’ve read it, it’s time for us to continue to know how to solve it, so that when tik tok you don’t experience problems.

Use Tiktok Quota in Special Locations

Look for a location or place that has a strong signal to open TikTok, this is one way to overcome the tiktok quota so that it can be used

Restart HP

If the first method doesn’t work, this time try turning off your cellphone or restarting it first. This method, is quite wort it to use if you experience problems like this. Or, you can turn Airplane Mode on and then turn it off again.

Converting TikTok cities to regular quota

If you want to change the TikTok quota to be able to open other applications, then you have to take several steps, you can use the Psiphone Apk application.

How to Change Tiktok Quota to Regular Quota

To change the tiktok quota to a regular quota, you can use psiphon pro through the steps below

  1. Download and install the application “psiphon pro
  2. Then “open the app“psiphon
  3. Select “VPN settings” and tick “switch all apps
  4. Then immediately return to the Psiphon main page and check “turn off timeout” and “Show Malware Alerts
  5. Then immediately return to the main page of psiphon pro
  6. Select “proxy settings” and tick HTTP proxy connection option
  7. After that check “Custom HTTP Headers
  8. Header 1 fill with “X-Online-Host header headers” with header
  9. Header 2 contents “Connection headers” and “wapTHREE value
  10. Once done, go to the start page and launch Psiphon Pro.

Very easy isn’t it? You can use this method if you want IM3 Indosat regular quota from TikTok quota.

Contact customer service

The last way to solve TikTok quota cannot be used is to contact customer service. Or you can contact the customer service closest to your location.

How to Get Free Tiktok Quota Indosat IM3

To get a free tiktok quota from Indosat IM3, you need to download the myim3 application and login, the complete guide is as below.

  1. The first step isDownload MyIM3” via Google Play Store and App Store
  2. Then open MyIM3 and select “list” or “login” with Indosat number
  3. After that open the Home and select “Data
  4. If it says TikTok Quota, that means you’ve got the quota

You can use the tiktok quota to open the Tik tok apk.

How to Get Extra Quota for Tiktok Tri for Free 10GB

To get a free tik tok quota package from provider tri is very easy, you only need to use the bimatri application, the details are as follows:

  1. Downloads “Bima+” via Google Play Store and App Store
  2. Then “open the app” Bima+ and “list” if you don’t have an account or “login” to application with number (tri) 3
  3. After that go to Home and “see Data section” select “Details
  4. If it says TikTok Quota, that means you have got a free TikTok quota

That’s the discussion of about Why TikTok Quota Can’t be Used and how to easily overcome it. I hope this helps

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