Tiktok Ba Viral Peek, Turns Out This Really Means

Peekaboo Tiktok – It’s very crowded on the internet, especially on social media Tiktok, which suddenly went viral, was a sentence or the word “Chiluk Ba” or “Chiluk” many of whom didn’t know what it actually meant.

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Tiktok is one of the most popular social media used by internet users and Indonesian gadgets or Netizens, In Tiktok we often see a lot of new things that suddenly become a trend.

because many tikto users make new things viral very quickly, actually tiktok is a social media application in which we can make our own music videos

and post or upload it on tiktok so that all tiktok users in the world can see or watch it later by watermarking your name or id on tiktok.

Peekaboo Viral On Tiktok

indeed, there are many things that can be viral on tiktok, especially things that attract the attention of users and make them wonder what exactly is the content that is currently viral,

The meaning of the word peek-a-boo that went viral on Tiktok
The meaning of the word peek-a-boo that went viral on Tiktok

Usually the things that are viral on tiktok are videos that are uploaded such as challenges or challenges, and also random videos that make users viral it

as we discussed this about the meaning of peek-a-boo which lately is often used to comment or even be used to caption an uploaded video.

actually not only on tiktok, many social media have used the word peek-a-boo like on Instagram and Twitter, so this time I will discuss the original meaning of the word peek-a-boo.

Meaning of peek-a-boo on Tiktok

Well, a lot of people are asking what this peekay word really means and why so many people use it to comment or as a caption on Tiktok.

well actually peek-a-boo itself is a game or entertainment word that has been around for a long time in the world, especially in Indonesia, there must have been many who are familiar with this word

this word is often used to entertain or play with small children by surprising them so they laugh with peek-a-boo, in English it is also called Peek a boo which has the same meaning

So peek-a-boo is not a difficult thing to understand, the meaning of the word is actually only someone who finds peekaboo with and it becomes viral because many people use it.

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So that’s all I can say in this article, hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to share this article as much as possible. Thank you.

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