Tiktok Blue Whale Viral Challenge, This Is What It Means

Tiktok Blue Whale Viral – Many netizens are looking for this viral challenge, maybe for those of you who have taken part in this challenge, you are familiar with Blue Whale

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which is currently viral on tiktok and Instagram, since the presence of social media applications, people continue to create new and interesting things to observe and follow, one of which is the Challenge and in this article I will explain the challenges of Tiktok Blue Whale Viral.

For those of you who are curious about this challenge, I have summarized the explanation and how to take part in this challenge, so read this article to the end Guys.

What is the Blue Whale Viral Challenge?

As it is said that the progress of social media greatly affects human activities today, not only about work but entertainment is also greatly affected by the progress of this very rapid era.

Like the Tiktok Blue Whale challenge, the Challenge means where you are required to do scary or even dangerous things for a long time to be able to take on this challenge and become a viral one.

The challenge itself aims to entertain social media connoisseurs and to exist for those who do the challenge, but there are also not many challenges that are dangerous for certain people to do as we are discussing this time.

How to Join the Blue Whale Challenge

Actually the Blue Whale Challenge has been around for a long time but now it’s viral again and many tiktokers who always want to exist on social media, in various countries are also doing this challenge,

Tiktok Blue Whale Viral
Tiktok Blue Whale Viral

but of course with a different style, for those of you who want to take part in this challenge, you should be careful because it can be very dangerous for you, because in some countries there have been victims

What this challenge does is very diverse, from hurting yourself, watching or seeing something you don’t like, such as scary things like horror movies and various things that will affect your mental state.

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that’s some of what was done in this challenge, so I suggest not always following viral things on the internet, and be wiser in choosing the content you are viewing so as not to hurt yourself.


I think that’s all I can say in this article, hopefully it will be useful for you and don’t forget to share this article as much as possible if there are errors in writing or etiquette in the language, I’m sorry, that’s all from me and thank you..

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